Festival honours ao dai based on songs by Trinh Cong Son

17:20 | 13/04/2016 Society

As a response to the third Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival, relatives of composer Trinh Cong Son host a one-week festival which kicked off on March 28 at Nguyen Van Binh Book Street in downtown HCM City, honouring a collection of ao dai designs inspired by songs of the composer.

Festival honours ao dai based on songs by Trinh Cong Son

Contestants at an ao dai beauty competition (Photo: VNA)

The “Ao Dai Week-Cultural Bridge” were exhibiting 10 women’s traditional robes designed by Trinh Hoang Dieu, the younger sister of the late composer. Each one was inspired by a song.

“The ao dai is not only a kind of costume, but also a work of art that requires elegance and aesthetics,” Dieu said. “My heart always stirs whenever I paint on ao dai.”

Dieu had chosen to paint her designs on brocade and silk. Her paintings mostly honour conjugal affection.

Also on show was an exclusive issue of a book of letters and images Son sent to Ngo Vu Dao Anh, the leading female character in most of his songs composed in the 1964-1989 period.

Visitors also viewed paintings of the composer by a Canadian painter at the festival, and listen to Son’s well-known songs performed by singers Duc Tuan, Thanh Bui, and others at an evening of music on April 1./.


Source: VNA

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