Faslink committed to comprehensive green transformation in fashion industry

10:02 | 18/01/2022 Society

At a recent company event themed “Green Path”, Faslink committed to comprehensive green transformation by introducing green materials and modern fashion solutions, creating a premise for sustainable development following environment-friendly fashion.

Along with the increase in consumers awareness, green transformation in the clothing industry has become an inevitable direction of enterprises participating in the supply chain of the garment industry, particularly in Vietnam and generally in the world. The fashion brands now have various options to use green materials which are made friendly and safe to the environment. The improving fiber technology offers better features for health and ease of use. Raw material suppliers for textile are also moving rapidly following this trend.

In Vietnam, Faslink is one of the pioneering green raw material suppliers to catch the trend from 2008 until now. Faslink understands that green materials are the foundation to kick off the operation chain of the green fashion industry. During 14 years of pursuing sustainable fashion, Faslink has always strived to research materials, text, and upgrade product form, optimize sewing techniques to give out material product lines that are outstanding in quality, esthetic, and utility.

faslink committed to comprehensive green transformation in fashion industry

Faslink has invested in many factories with a total area of 10,000sq.m, equipped with more than 300 modern equipment and advance pattern sets, as well as R&D cooperating with many well known technological raw material production research center in the world. Attempting with the “healthy wear for green living”, Faslink’s green raw materials are oriented towards elements of natural origin, friendly to the living environment, safe for users’ health, easy to craft in apparel and able to self-decompose over time.

The journey of creating green fabrics from coffee grounds, lotus leaves and stems, seashells, coconut charcoal, and mint cellulose… not only originates from ideas and business trends but is also associated with the passion, strong desire to promote the value of materials that are considered as ordinary, valueless in nature. The green fabrics have created new steps, which spurs the creative development in garment and fashion industry.

In the “Green Path” event held on January 15th, 2022, Faslink introduced the “GREEN FABRICS” exhibition with 5 types of natural fiber, including yarns from coffee, lotus, seashell, coconut, and mint which are processed in modern techniques, bringing superior characteristics of softness, durability, and fashion. Besides, Faslink has collaborated with Fashion Designer Vo Cong Khanh and other young, talented designers to introduce a fashion collection using fabrics made from coffee and mint yarn. This is also the new breath that Faslink wishes to bring to the Vietnamese apparel and fashion industry by the distinctive journey from Faslink’s green raw material.

CEO of Faslink, Ms. Tran Hoang Phu Xuan, shared, “At Faslink, we arouse and develop the spirit of self-learning, self-seeking for resources, constant creativity and efforts to find new solutions, towards the environment-friendly sustainable fashion industry. From the green yarns, we expect to spread the message of green living to the community and companion in order that Vietnamese consumers can use the best products safe for health and environment.”

Insisting on following sustainable eco-fashion, Faslink officially became a pioneer in the apparel industry, committing to implementing comprehensive green transformation in operation, production, distribution, and marketing.

“Our commitment in green transformation not only focuses on green materials but also direct to “greening” every activities in production, operation and business strategies. It’s time to re-think the apparel industry and aim for a new manufacturing format, starting from green and technological materials. As an insperable role in the supply chain, Faslink committed to making a positive contribution to the green transformation in the textile industry”, emphasized Ms. Tran Hoang Phu Xuan

Mai Ca