FARMAN brings success story of over 30 years providing tool grinding to Vietnam

14:29 | 24/04/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Representatives of Farman Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd., Mr. Wei, Chih-Yuan told Vietnam Economic News about their success story of over 30 years providing tool grinding.  

farman brings success story of over 30 years providing tool grinding to vietnam
Representatives of Farman Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd., Mr. Wei, Chih-Yuan

Could you introduce Farman Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.? What is your targeted customer, the proportion of product line, and the growth ratio of markets?

Farman Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.estalibhed in 1983 and a the leader of Tool grinding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, we are specialized in customer-made tool machine including:

Diamond/CBN Wheel truing and dressing machine; PCD/PCBN Tool Grinding machine; Universal Tool & cutter Grinder; Universal Drill Grinder; Cylindrical Grinding machine; and Micron filtration system.

To provide products and services with high quality to domestic and foreign manufacturers by excellent technology advanced detection instruments, and continuous innovation, expansion of its product. After service sales team provides a professional technique support to customers by rapidity solution, correct advice and technology transfer. Works with customers and grows with customers together.

Our target customers are vehicle, motorcycle manufacturers as well as tool and processing manufactures. Farman has 35% product line in Diamond wheel dresser, 25% in PCD tool grinder, 15% in Universal tool grinder, 15% in 5 axis CNC tool grinder and 10% in Micro Oil filtration system. We estimate the China market will be growth up 20% in this year, the 10% up for European market, 10% up in South East Asia and same proportion of the market in American.

What are the key points which made a success story of over 30 years for Farman Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd?

Our success key points are to listen to customers need, work with cutomers and growth with customers and the most important thing is to keep improve the machine technique and to meet the market demaned.

Could you share with us the point of view about the current effects and trend of investment to Southest Asia, including the movement on demand of manufacturers in tool grinding, especialy in Vietnam market?

Vietnam is developing very fast in these few years, there are many korean and Japanese automobile companies setting their assemblies lines in Vietnam and some mobile phone companies are cooperating with local tool manufactuers and we can expect the future that the tool grinding businesses are growing up.

After many agreements having been set up, more and more foreign investments such as mobile phone and automobile industries will be transfered to from China or Thailand to Vietnam market, not only the increased domestic demand, but also growth the export business. Vietnam has big change to be one of biggest OEM countries in the world.

What are the reasons that make you decide to attend Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017?

Farman want to develop the Vietnam market and to attend the exhibiton is the best and fastest way to promote Farman machinery coming into the Vietnam market.

To work with mobile phone manufacturers and automobile industry as well as the their suppliers and will consider to set up an office in Vietnam in order to strengthen the connection with the local supplies.

What are the key products which Farman Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. will present at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017 and its highlights?

Farman will present the 5 axis CNC tool grinder and Diamond Wheel truing and dressing machine at the at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017.

Hawema H2001 5 axis CNC tool grinder that produces the high precision standard stool as well as special tools. Equip an Auto workpieces loading system and NumRoto software system which provides the operators an easy operating environment.

FC-250W diamond wheel truing and dressing machine that is to form the wheel for CNC tool grinder machine used. With the high precision camera system which is allow to create the unique CAD drawing for truing performance.

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