Farm exports generate US$9.13 billion in revenue

16:01 | 27/04/2015 Trade

Vietnam exports from agriculture, forestry and fishery in April hit US$2.61 billion, bringing the sector’s total export value for the first four months to US$9.13 billion.

Farm exports generate US$9.13 billion in revenue

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) reported that agricultural products for the January-April period fetched US$4.47 billion, down 6%. Several products showed strong declines, including rice (9.2%) and coffee (39.3%).

Only cashew nut grew in both volume at 85,000 tonnes, up 14.4% and value at US$635 million, up 36.3%.

From January leading up to April, fisheries exports reached US$1.87 billion, dipping 16.6%.

Meanwhile, exports of forestry products increased year-on-year by 6.7% to US$2.18 billion.

Source VOV