EZ Land real estate company enters Vietnam market

16:40 | 13/09/2017 Economy- Society

12 September 2017, Backed by the European fund KEY SICAV SIF from Luxembourg, EZ Land – a developer inspired by European living has officially launched in Vietnam. With plans to build 1,000 – 1,500 apartments each year for the next 5-8 years led by the philosophy "Developing Excellence”, this important event not only marks a significant milestones for EZ Land but also is an exciting news for the buyers in the affordable housing segment.

ez land real estate company enters vietnam market

With a different perspective from as European investors and the only market player in that segment of the market, EZ Land will pioneer the construction of housing projects focused on quality at affordable prices in Vietnam. Having access to a large project pipeline which the company acquired over the last few years, and combining impeccable planning with outstanding delivery, EZ Land is set to before the trusted choice for Vietnamese customers looking for value for money as they look at investing into their future home.

The first project of EZ Land is being introduced to Vietnam – HausNeo with the slogan “Ven tron to am” - is expected to be a blockbuster in the Vietnamese community. With four main criteria: Sustainable over time; European inspiration and quality at an affordable price; Standard design in Bauhaus style; Warm and intimate living space for the intellectual community, HausNeo certainly brings a great experience for all family member.

Mr. Oliver Brazier – Managing Partner of EZ Land Vietnam said: “With a goal putting the first bricks for the sustainable development in the future of the real estate market in Vietnam, we always adhere to the strict criteria set out to make the construction process as planned, fulfill the promise to provide customers with apartments of the highest quality.” With HausNeo, the principles “Function and Beauty Come Together in Creating the Perfect Home” is always highly appreciated. Most interestingly, the EZ Land apartments will be inspired by the Bauhaus style (human-centered) has existed for over 100 years. With modern design’s intrinsic nature as a combination of art and industry, Bauhaus was one of the biggest stamps on art, architecture, and design in the 20th century. The most basic tenet of the Bauhaus was formed follows function, all the necessities like buildings, furniture, and design, need to be completed in a practical but effective way. HausNeo is a typical example of block style are implemented but still harmonious and graceful, provide adequate space to study, work, activities, and entertainment for every member of the family. Not only that, the smallest detail is well cared, selected from quality furniture brands to possibly bring the best experience for customers. The ultimate goal of developing this project is to create a comfortable living space for customers to enjoy at home. With an airy space and full of convenient services, more than an apartment, HausNeo is the pride of those who own it.