EVNNPC provides safe power supply for all seasons

14:09 | 06/09/2018 Industry

(VEN) - The Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) is managing power networks in regions with complex terrain, two thirds of which are forest and mountainous areas. The regions span more than 830 kilometers of coastline and have varied climate. EVNNPC-managed power grids have been affected by such extreme weather conditions as parching heat, humidity, storms, floods, landslides, cyclones, hail, snow and ice.

evnnpc provides safe power supply for all seasons
Fixing power grids after a storm

An EVNNPC report shows that in the first seven months of this year, power networks managed by the corporation were heavily affected by adverse weather conditions, resulting in interrupted power supply. Heavy rains and floods in the northern mountainous provinces of Dien Bien, Lai Chau and Ha Giang interrupted electricity supply, while rainstorms and thunderbolts struck a 22kV submarine cable that disrupted electricity supply to Quang Ninh Province’s island district of Co To for several days. The lengthy period of hot weather in late June and early July overburdened power systems, and Storm Son Tinh caused damages worth almost VND28 billion to grids in many northern provinces.

Despite those challenges and difficulties, EVNNPC, with its efficient preparations, has ensured stable, safe power supply for production and trading activities, people’s daily life, and major socioeconomic, cultural, social and political activities in 27 northern provinces in the first seven months of this year. The corporation did a good job in ensuring electricity supply to residents during the lengthy period of parching heat in late June and early July while promptly overcoming consequences of natural disasters and quickly restoring power supply.

EVNNPC reached an estimated commercial electricity output of more than 5.99 billion kWh in July, up 18.39 percent from the same period in 2017. This took the total to more than 36.25 billion kWh in the first seven months of this year, up 14.23 percent from the same period last year, accounting for 56.73 percent of the 2018 target set by Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

In the first half of this year, EVNNPC began construction of 27 projects and put into use 39 power projects with an additional of 1,209MVA in capacity and 274.13kms of 110kV power transmission line. In July alone, the corporation put into use six 110kV projects with an additional capacity of 151MVA, in addition to many other low to medium-voltage grids. EVNNPC has implemented all 14 customer service criteria. In the first seven months of this year, the corporation supplied electricity to 1,289 new customers.

In the remaining months of 2018, EVNNPC will prioritize safe grid management in all situations and further business, customer service and business ethics innovation and improvement. The EVNNPC leadership has asked units to continue strengthening inspection to detect defects in grids and grid management and keep an eye on weather changes in order to find necessary, proper solutions.

EVNNPC keeps working to ensure stable, safe electricity supply, minimize power losses, speed up power project

construction, and continue promotion of safe and efficient electricity use in the rainy and stormy season.

Vu Son