EVN powers ahead for dry season

09:36 | 19/06/2019 Energy

(VEN) - National Load Dispatch Center Deputy Director Vu Xuan Khu said Vietnam Electricity (EVN) would ensure sufficient power supply during the 2019 dry season.  

evn powers ahead for dry season

EVN has made greater efforts to ensure power supply for the economy, especially during this year’s dry season, as well as during the country’s special events.

According to the National Load Dispatch Center, with hot and sunny weather, power demand will continue to increase, especially in the peak months of May, June and July.

In May and June, the power load will increase to 42.8 billion kWh, a 10 percent growth compared to the same period last year. Maximum capacity is expected to be at 37,000-39,000MW, up 11-14 percent over the same period last year.

To have enough power for national consumption, the National Load Dispatch Center has mobilized power from different sources. About 88 solar power projects will be connected to the national grid before the end of June, providing additional capacity of around 1,300-1,400MW. In addition, some wind power projects will be put into operation, with increased capacity of 500-1,000MW.

EVN will require its member units to ensure ready operation to reach the designed capacity of generator units, and utilize power from hydropower plants depending on water volume at reservoirs. EVN will also closely monitor the operation of the power system in order to increase power supply reliability and ensure coal supplies for power generation to meet demand in the dry season and the whole year.

Currently, the power transmission system has not met the demand in terms of increasing solar power projects. Therefore, EVN will propose that the government supplements the Revised Power Development Plan VII to encourage investors to participate in renewable energy projects.

Campaigns aiming to encourage the industrial sector and public to save energy will also be promoted by using energy-efficient devices, switching off unnecessary electrical devices, making use of natural light and ventilation, and reducing the use of electricity-intensive appliances during peak times.

EVN Deputy General Director Ngo Son Hai said EVN recommends customers using electricity in a safe, economical and efficient manner.

Quynh Anh