EVN meets record power demand, urges power saving

06:00 | 17/07/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Electricity consumption in Vietnam recorded an all-time high of 38,800MW in June, according to the Vietnam Electricity (EVN), breaking the level of 38,147MW recorded in June 2019. EVN, the state-owned national power distribution company, plans to utilize multiple electricity sources to ensure sufficient power amid constantly rising demand and adverse climate change effects.

evn meets record power demand urges power saving

Low water volume

According to EVN data, total generated and imported electricity output of the whole system reached 21.58 billion kWh in May (696.1 million kWh per day), and 97.41 billion kWh in the first five months of the year, an increase of 1.9 percent compared to a year ago. In May, the highest daily output reached 790.6 million kWh (May 22) and the largest consumption capacity reached 37,809MW (May 21).

In the first five months of the year, generated electricity output of EVN and power generation corporations (including joint-stock companies) reached 53.13 billion kWh, accounting for 54.55 percent of total output of the whole system. EVN’s commercial power output reached 17.045 billion kWh in May and 83.41 billion kWh in the first five months of the year, a drop of 4.19 percent and an increase of 1.8 percent compared to a year ago, respectively.

In May, there were heavy rains in some areas but they only affected water levels downstream, resulting in low volume of water stored in hydroelectric reservoirs. Hydroelectric output reached 2.23 billion kWh in May and 9.48 billion kWh in the first five months of the year, 0.84 billion kWh and 3.26 billion kWh lower than the annual plan, respectively.

Total transmitted electricity output reached 17.78 billion kWh in May and 81.17 billion kWh in the first five months of the year. The highest recorded electricity transmission capacity on the north-central transmission system was 2,080MW, and 2,260MW on the central-south transmission system.

Ensuring power saving

According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, severe heat waves scorched the northern and central region in June. EVN data shows that electricity consumption capacity on the national grid recorded an all-time high of 38,800MW on June 23, of which consumption capacity on the grid reached 19,500MW in northern Vietnam, and 4,435MW in Hanoi.

To meet power demand, EVN has made greater efforts to overcome difficulties in terms of weather factors, while ensuring safe operations and sufficient supplies. Power generation corporations and thermal power plants have asked coal suppliers under the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) and the Dong Bac Corporation to ensure coal supply in keeping with signed contracts. In addition, EVN has directed units to ensure power supply reliability in order to meet the needs of trade and production, while striving for the completion of power projects on schedule, such as 220kV Ninh Phuoc and Van Phong substations.

However, to reduce the pressure on the national electricity system, EVN is also asking for the understanding of its customers. The group recommends switching off unnecessary electrical devices, making use of natural light and ventilation, and reducing the use of electricity-intensive appliances during peak times. In addition, air conditioners should be set at 26 degrees Celsius to save power, reducing the risk of power overload and surging electricity prices.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged power savings of two percent annually. With demand rising at an

average of 10 percent a year, much higher than economic growth, PM Phuc believes thrifty consumption is the most

important and urgent requirement to ensure energy security in the next five years.

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