EVN, leader in energy saving initiatives

11:00 | 29/07/2016 Industry

(VEN) - The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Group over the last many years has not only played an important role to ensure national electrical energy security but also taken the lead in saving power, significantly contributing to the implementation of the National Program for Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

EVN, leader in energy saving initiatives

Impressive results

Vietnam saved 11.88 billion kWh of electricity in the 2011-2015 period, saving an average VND3.79 trillion annually. To achieve these results, EVN had established steering committees for efficient use of electricity at the group and its member corporations and subsidiaries; drawn up action plans with specific objectives; and issued guidelines for the implementation of these plans.

In addition, EVN had developed a variety of energy saving programs aimed at enhancing business and community awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.

One of these programs is Earth Hour which has helped Vietnam save more than 419,000kWh of electricity, equivalent to VND684 million within just an hour. The Power Saving Family program has attracted the participation of more than three million households, helping to save over 300 million kWh of electricity annually. Under another program, EVN has replaced seven million incandescent bulbs with compact lamps for households, helping them save about 460 million kWh of electricity or VND700 billion annually.

Over the past five years, EVN has assisted the installation of more than 96,000 solar water heaters and the replacement of 1.16 million incandescent bulbs with compact lamps for dragon fruit farmers in Binh Thuan, Long An, and Tien Giang provinces. Apart from these, more than four million compact lamps have been put into use, helping to save 15 million kWh of electricity or VND24.4 billion and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8,532 tonnes annually.

A pilot project to provide ESCO (Energy Service Company) services has also been initiated by EVN to help big corporations conduct their energy audits. 

Further efforts

This year, along with maintaining tight coordination with the government’s organizations and local authorities to continue implementing existing power saving programs, EVN will intensify propaganda to encourage the use of energy efficient appliances.

In addition, the group will continue to cooperate with shopping centers and supermarkets to develop support programs which provide air conditioner maintenance services for households in areas with high residential density during the hot season. At the same time, EVN will expand the pilot provision of power saving solutions through ESCOs at all of its five power corporations.

EVN has launched a campaign that encourages all of its staff members and workers to join power saving propaganda activities, and those who achieve successful results will be rewarded.


Thuy Ha

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