EVN joins Covid-19 fight with face recognition, heat seeking technologies

13:00 | 16/05/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and its member units are on the frontlines of the Covid-19 war, strictly complying with the directions of the government and guidance of the Ministry of Health and initiating effective responses to the problems resulting from the pandemic. 

evn joins covid 19 fight with face recognition heat seeking technologies
EVN provides free face masks

The state-owned group is the largest power company in Vietnam. With over 100,000 employees across the country, EVN’s leadership is working to ensure worker health, mindful that infection of even a small number of officials and workers can affect the group’s production and business activities.

From a very early stage, EVN and its member units sought to avoid the spread of the disease in order to ensure safe and continuous electricity production and trading. Accordingly, the group and its member units set up checkpoints to measure and monitor body temperature of staff and visitors; cleaned and disinfected workplaces; provided masks, antiseptic solution and medical supplies to boost employee resistance to Covid-19; and coordinated with local health organizations to deploy solutions for prevention of the pandemic.

EVN also promoted dissemination of online electricity services, limiting direct contact with customers in order to avoid the disease spread to the community. The group and its member units have donated billions of dong to the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s National Program for Preventing and Fighting against Covid-19.

Some units in the group have initiated research and applied science and technology to produce new solutions. For example, the Central Power Information Technology Company (CPCITC) has applied VND15 million face detection technology (Face detect), which can automatically detect and remind people who forget to wear masks or wear masks improperly. This tool is small and can be easily transferred to all units for quick and effective deployment. CPCITC’s solution includes a webcam connected to a computer that has its own software. The system can run on computers or laptops with medium configuration in real time. When the camera detects a face without a mask, the system immediately sounds an alert and takes a photo as well.

The Quang Tri Power Company used the Flir E60 thermal camera to measure human body temperature. Thermal cameras are easily set up and connected to television screens. When customers or employees stand in front of the cameras, the display shows their body temperature and warns them to take next suitable steps. This also helps reduce direct contact between employees performing disease control tasks with other staff and customers.

Deputy General Director of EVN Vo Quang Lam:

With timely, creative and appropriate solutions, EVN has obtained initial results in the Covid-19 battle, ensuring power

supply for socioeconomic development and people’s lives.

Vu Son