EVN harnesses science and technology on all fronts

10:52 | 08/06/2017 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam Electricity (EVn) has promoted scientific and technological applications in order to operate and manage the national power system in a safe manner, provide sufficient power for the country’s socioeconomic development and enhance business efficiency.

evn harnesses science and technology on all fronts

Initial results

EVN’s member units currently manage several dozen power plants, as well as hundreds of thousands of kilometers of power lines and substations throughout the country. Although it does not own all the power sources, EVN operates the world’s 30th largest power system and second largest in Southeast Asia.

To meet power demand for the country’s socioeconomic development with power load growth of more than 10 percent a year, and enhance service quality given fierce competition and international integration, EVN has strengthened the application of scientific and technological achievements to modernize the power system and enhance its performance.

EVN general Director Dang Hoang An said that the group has used software serving trade and production activities, such as e-office, e-invoice, and finance and human resource management.

EVN’s member units have also implemented many scientific and technological initiatives in production, such as compiling curriculum for some key subjects in training facilities, piloting production of remote terminal units for transmission substations and power plants, proposing the verification period suitable for phase rotation meters, applying composite technology to protect the surface of equipment in coal-fired thermal power plants, and manufacturing equipment for monitoring and recording leakage currents in real time.

In 2016, five turbine units were put into operation with total capacity of 2,305MW. The group’s total commercial power output reached 159.31 billion kWh in 2016, an increase of 10.9 percent compared to 2015, while power loss was reduced to 7.7 percent. In addition, Vietnam was ranked 96th among the 190 countries and territories last year in terms of power supply by the Doing Business 2017 report of the World Bank, up five places comapared to 2015.

evn harnesses science and technology on all fronts

Drastic solutions

This year EVN will continue to ensure power supplies for the country’s socioeconomic development and people’s lives, striving to reach total commercial power output of 177.59 billion kWh, up 11.4 percent compared to last year, while reducing power loss to 7.57 percent.

In addition to improving business efficiency associated with environmental protection, the group has promoted scientific and technological application in all fields from management, operation, production and transmission to trade and distribution. EVN will also build a technology development strategy, strengthen information technology application in management and operation and continue the implementation of the smart grid development program in the whole group.

EVN has assigned specific tasks for each unit. For the power generation unit, the tasks include putting the technical management system and the meter data management system (MDMS) into use, and studying technological solutions to reduce the emission of thermal power plants in compliance with environmental standards.

In terms of the power transmission unit, the goals are putting the private-use telecommunication management system, the geographic information system (GI S) and the MDMS into use, and completing the construction of centers for monitoring the operation of 220kV substations and 15-20 unmanned 220kV substations.

For the power distribution and retailing unit, the private-use telecommunication, power load and distribution management systems are targeted for completion. In addition, the unit is required to deploy solutions to carry out repairs without cutting off power and cleaning insulators.

Dang Hoang An, general director of EVN, says the group has selected the use of science and technology as its theme for

2017, applying its achievements in management and operations of the power system to improve business efficiency

associated with environmental protection.

Dinh Dung