EVN Hanoi ensures reliable power for capital’s rural areas

06:00 | 09/05/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Due to synchronous and effective investment, Hanoi’s rural power grids are meeting the demand for domestic use and local economic development.

evn hanoi ensures reliable power for capitals rural areas
Focusing on development of grid networks

To implement the national target program on building new-style rural areas, the Hanoi Electricity Corporation (EVN Hanoi) has cooperated with the capital city to ensure all 219 communes are hooked up to the national power grid. To do so, EVN Hanoi has built power grids in accordance with approved plans, and upgraded electricity projects to meet the technical requirements of the sector as well as regulations on the city’s rural power grid.

From August 1, 2008 (when Ha Tay province was incorporated into Hanoi) to the end of 2018, EVN Hanoi sold electricity directly to over 600,000 households. In order to ensure operations and sale requirements, EVN Hanoi has upgraded the grids, and electrified areas without access to electricity in the former Ha Tay province. As a result, 100 percent of households in the capital are supplied with electricity from the national grid system at a better level of reliability.

From 2011 to 2015, EVN Hanoi completed the IVO project sponsored by the Danish government to supply power in 13 districts and towns: Ba Vi, Ung Hoa, Son Tay, Dan Phuong, Thuong Tin, Thanh Oai, Phuc Tho, Chuong My, Hoai Duc, Quoc Oai, Thach That, My Duc and Phu Xuyen. It also renovated power grids in 13 mountainous communes. From 2016 to 2018, it implemented a project synchronizing medium-voltage and low voltage networks (part of Rural Electrification Project No2 - RE2).

evn hanoi ensures reliable power for capitals rural areas
Electrifying areas without access to power

The rural power grids in Hanoi have been improved both in terms of quality and quantity. Customers in rural areas enjoy convenient services like payment of electricity bills through banks, faster installation of new electricity meters, dissemination of state policies on electricity, implementation of energy efficiency programs and facilitation of customer care services.

At present, EVN Hanoi manages and operates a modern power grid system including one 220kV transformer station, 46 110kV transformer stations with total capacity of nearly 6,000 MVA, 900km of 110kV lines, more than 12,000 distribution transformer stations with total capacity of over 7,500 MVA; 5,000 km of overhead lines and more than 3,000 km of underground cables.

Recently, EVN Hanoi put into operation key projects such as the 220kV Tay Ho substation; the 110kV Thong Nhat Park and Thuong Dinh substations, 110kV Chem-Tay Ho, Thanh Cong-Thuong Dinh lines to ensure safe and stable electricity supply for the capital and its population of more than nine million, where average power consumption grows approximately 10 percent each year.

The corporation also plans to invest in upgrading and renovating grid networks in the short and medium term to 2025, invest in grid works in accordance with master plans, improve voltage quality, upgrade and modernize power grids, apply new technologies to improve supply reliability, operation and management, gradually transforming 110kV substations into automated operations that do not require on site workers.

Nguyen Hanh