EVN Hanoi eases heat for capital residents, business

06:18 | 12/06/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Power demand in the capital Hanoi is surging with temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius exacerbated by the greenhouse effect and concrete high rises. EVN Hanoi has provided adequate electricity supply to ensure production and business activity and to ease residents’ discomfort.

evn hanoi eases heat for capital residents business

Providing secure power supply for Hanoi capital

Secure power supply

EVN Hanoi sells electricity to 2.5 million customers. The corporation manages and operates a modern power grid system including 46 110kV transformer stations, 905km of 110kV lines with total capacity of 6,768 MVA. Recently, EVN Hanoi put into operation key projects, such as the 220kV Tay Ho substation; the 110kV Thong Nhat Park, 110kV Chem-Tay Ho, Thanh Cong-Thuong Dinh lines to ensure safe and stable electricity supply for the capital and its population of approximately 10 million, where average power consumption grows at 10 percent each year.

Every summer, Hanoi suffers long intense heat waves resulting in high demand for cooling devices. In response, EVN Hanoi has developed an optimal plan of power grid management and operation, arranged thousands of shifts, fully prepared equipment and supplies, and recommended ways to ensure safe and effective power use. During the rainy season, the corporation prioritizes power supply to pumping stations to control flood and mobilizes workers for round-the-clock duty to secure power supplies.

Modern technologies, convenient services

Following EVN’s directions with the goal of turning Hanoi into a smart city, EVN Hanoi has pioneered technology application in production and business. It has created a breakthrough by putting into operation a modern power systems’ control center, increasing the control and optimizing operation of the city's grid.

EVN Hanoi has applied technical operation, power supply reliability and equipment management programs on digital maps. It also deployed automated 110kV substations that do not require on site workers, hotline repair teams, and monitoring, control and automation systems on medium-voltage grids. The System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) index in 2019 was only 251.35 minutes, down 15 times compared to 2013.

Regarding cashless electric bill payment, EVN Hanoi has cooperated with 18 banks and nine payment intermediaries to provide payment channels, develop automatic debt payment and electronic payment methods to improve customer service efficiency. It also continues to upgrade and standardize the operation of the Customer Care Center operating 24 hours a day to meet customer requirements. The satisfaction level of electricity customers (evaluated by independent consultants) increases steadily every year, reaching 8.1 points in 2019.

Community outreach is a core value of EVN Hanoi. For example, the corporation has carried out repairs and

installed lighting in Bac Son commune in Hanoi’s Soc Son District, which has a high ratio of poor

households. Bui Van Minh, Head of Do Tan Hamlet in Bac Son Commune said these were very meaningful

activities, which helped improve people’s lives and promote local socioeconomic development.

Viet Anh