EVN Hanoi creates breakthrough in customer care

16:30 | 24/10/2017 Industry

(VEN) - The Hanoi Power Corporation (EVN Hanoi) has promoted customer care services in recent years as one of the key tasks in trade and production activities.

evn hanoi creates breakthrough in customer care

EVN Hanoi currently manages nearly 2.4 million electricity meters with nearly 2.2 million single-phase meters, including more than 1.3 million mechanical meters and nearly 900,000 electronic meters. In addition to replacing mechanical meters by electronic ones, EVN Hanoi has strengthened scientific and technological application, promoted customer care services, improved productivity and increased information transparency.

The biggest change in customer care services is the increasing number of interaction channels with businesses. For example, instead of going directly to management units, customers can conduct procedures in the electronic system. EVN Hanoi performs electronic archives on its website. Customers’ requirements are checked, verified and fully updated in the electronic system, while their feedback is collected after completing the work.

According to the EVN Hanoi, by the end of this year, there will be no direct collections of electricity bills from customers at home as it will be completely implemented through the banking system, collection points and service companies.

Customers can pay electricity bills at any payment counters in customer transaction offices of power companies and in transaction locations of banks in the city.

The application of advanced technologies such as IP, GPRS, RF Mesh, PLC and RS232-RS485 and the use of electronic meters to collect data by semi-automatic HHU equipment have brought practical benefits.

Scientific and technological application in the power sector has contributed to improving labor productivity, reducing production costs and avoiding occupational accidents.

Thanks to technological application in customer care services, customers can actively search for information on meter reading schedule, bill payment status, bill payment information every time and everywhere. The hi-tech adaptation is intended to make the meter reading more transparent and supply more benefits to customers.

In the coming time, EVN Hanoi will continue to promote the application of scientific and technological achievements in management and operation in order to build load charts of electricity usage in each area, effectively develop grids to ensure power supplies, and timely detect risks and power failures.

Lan Anh