EVN fully applies digital technology

13:00 | 07/09/2020 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Vietnam’s biggest power company, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is reviewing the progress of its digital transformation and recording positive results in its operations.

Research and development

At a recent meeting with the Minister of Information and Communications, EVN Chair Duong Quang Thanh said being aware that implementation of the National Digital Transformation Program has great influence on the company’s current and future operations, the group has developed and implemented a research and development project on technology application in all of its activities.

EVN's goal is to apply digital and information technology (IT), especially core technologies of the Industry 4.0 such as IoT, BigData, AI, Blockchain, and Cloud in order to enhance digital transformation in all areas from corporate governance, business and customer service to improved production and business activities.

Improved operations, services

EVN’s digital transformation has achieved positive results. In terms of administration, EVN has implemented the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; all officers and employees now use electronic file systems through HRMS software; all its member units use the E-Office system to solve problems and digitally sign documents. Regarding the dispatch and operation of the electricity market, EVN has built a SCADA/EMS system, an information technology system for dispatching, operating transactions in the competitive power generation market, the competitive power wholesale market, and preparation for a competitive power retail market.

EVN’s digital transformation has achieved positive results

In the field of power generation, newly built hydroelectric plants use technology to monitor the operating status of equipment according to actual conditions and for repair and maintenance towards reliability while thermal power plants use equipment to monitor parameters, continuous operating status such as vibration, temperature and pressure.

Regarding power transmission, so far 80 percent of substations have been equipped with computer-controlled systems with protective equipment using digital relays; 60 percent of 220kV substations and 100 percent of 110kV substations have been converted into unstaffed substations. The substations are being applied by EVN with GIS technology, which helps computerize technical management, and support operations quickly and effectively.

In terms of business and customer care, EVN has completed the construction of customer care centers and provided many convenient services on a digital platform. In particular, as of 2018, it has provided power services equivalent to level 4 public service and in 2019 it applied “E-contracts” for electricity purchase-sale and connection contracts, providing power services on the National Public Service Portal.

Talking about EVN's digital transformation, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said that EVN is a corporation of strong financial potential, with large-scale infrastructure and many data sources, which can be easily connected to partners. The success of its digital transformation will spread to other industries and fields.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung:

By working with EVN, I can see its aspirations. EVN should be a pioneer in Vietnam’s successful digital

transformation not by 2025, but sooner, by 2022.

Nguyen Vu