EVN ensures sufficient power supply

14:09 | 17/01/2017 Industry

(VEN) - The Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has fulfilled this year’s task to ensure adequate power supplies for trade and production activities as well as people’s daily lives. They also plan power supply for 2017 with a commitment of no power shortage.  

evn ensures sufficient power supply
EVN plans power supply for 2017 with a commitment of no power shortage

Maintaining growth

EVN Deputy General Director Ngo Son Hai said that this year’s power output in the whole system is expected to increase by 11.54 percent to 183.28 billion kWh. EVN’s commercial power output is expected to stand at 159.31 billion kWh, an increase of 10.9 percent compared to 2015. Of which, power supplies for the industrial sector and construction are forecast to maintain high growth of 10.75 percent.

To meet power demand, EVN has made greater efforts to overcome difficulties in terms of weather and hydrographic factors, while ensuring safe operations and sufficient supplies.

EVN has also strengthened investment in power projects, especially in the south. Their power projects have basically been completed on schedule. Around 304 power works implemented by EVN’s units are expected to be completed in 2016 among a total of 316 works.

EVN’s Northern Power Corporation Deputy General Director Ho Manh Tuan said that the northern region has quite high power load growth of 14-15 percent as many investors such as Samsung and LG have registered to expand their trade and production activities. Therefore, the Northern Power Corporation has poured several tens of trillions of Vietnamese dong into the construction of new transformer stations in order to enhance capacity of power supplies.

Ensuring sufficient power supplies for 2017

Ngo Son Hai said that power demand will continue to see high growth of more than 11 percent in 2017. Therefore, EVN has actively built four power supply measures since the end of 2016. With total capacity of more than 41,000MW, EVN will ensure sufficient power supply for 2017.

In addition, EVN will continue to pour several hundreds of trillions of Vietnamese dong into new power projects during the 2017-2020 period to meet power demand for socioeconomic development. For example, the Central Power Corporation will invest around VND28.5 trillion in the development of 1,848-km power line and 101 110kV transformer stations, 21,436km of medium and low voltage lines and distribution substations.

EVN is actively directing units to repair and reinforce machine units and turbines, reasonably arrange maintenance and conserve water in hydropower reservoirs in order to ensure sufficient power supplies for 2017. EVN will also continue promoting the restructuring and administrative procedure reforms to enhance customer satisfaction.

Despite many difficulties in terms of capital and unpredictable weather, EVN will make greater efforts to meet power demand

for socioeconomic development.

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