EU’s World Cities project launched in Vietnam

09:03 | 01/07/2017 Cooperation

(VEN) - The EU’s World Cities project aims to promote the sharing of experiences and best practices in urban and regional development policies among the participating cities. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be paired with Milan (Italy) and Kosice (Slovakia) to participate in the project.  

Photo: Can Dung

The €700,000 World Cities project is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) in Brussels (Belgium). It originates in a preparatory action of the European Parliament to promote the exchange of sustainable urban development experiences and best practices among EU and non-EU countries.

The project facilitates the exchange of information and good practices on regional and urban development policy issues. Cooperation is based on the identification of pilot cities and the development of concrete actions for implementation in the short term, in urban innovation (smart cities, for example) and green technologies (energy efficiency, low carbon development).

ntervention areas are decided by the involved cities/regions, with strong support of the project team, and in coordination with the EU Commission (DG REGIO), the EU delegations in the respective countries and national authorities where relevant. A collaborative online platform is then launched to facilitate the exchange of information between EU and non-EU cities.

Addressing the project launching ceremony, Ambassador Bruno Angelet, head of the EU Delegation to Vietnam, said both EU and Vietnam have recognized that developing smart cities and green technologies is an important factor in promoting sustainable development in the world. The EU and its member nations have pledged to cooperate with partners worldwide to create cooperation opportunities and boost experience exchanges as well as urban solutions to address challenges in sustainable development in partner countries.

Actions will be designed to increase so-called “triple-helix cooperation” between governments, researchers and businesses. The ultimate goal of this project is to strengthen market opportunities and job creation while pursuing the sustainable economic development of the cities involved, thus fostering win-win cooperation.

Urban researchers say that in Vietnam the development of smart cities and green technologies are still unknown to the public. Therefore, they believe the EU’s project will help Vietnamese state authorities, as well as the Vietnamese people, understand the importance of smart cities and energy efficiency, paving the way for the country to promote sustainable urban development.

Besides Vietnam, the World Cities project also runs in Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and South Korea.

Nguyen Hoa