Ethnology Museum provides better visitor experience

17:26 | 18/11/2015 Society

(VEN) - Unlike most other museums which do not allow visitors to touch objects that are on display, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology allows visitors to research, study and enjoy the cultures of ethnic minorities, said Dinh Van Phuong, an experienced tour guide who can speak Chinese.

Ethnology Museum provides better visitor experience

This is the reason why the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has attracted 4.5 million visitors, including about two million foreign tourists, over the last two decades, while most other museums in the country failed to have the same drawing power.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology Director Vo Quang Trong said that the museum had persified its activities with the aim to introduce the cultures of ethnic groups in a more vivid and attractive manner. Periodical and non-regular cultural performances that took place annually at the museum on occasions such as Tet Lunar New Year, International Children’s Day, and the Mid-Autumn Festival attracted an audience of tens of thousands of people. These activities have become attractive events. “Puppetry performances have significantly contributed to maintaining this form of art and created favorable conditions for Vietnamese people and foreigners to meet and talk with puppet artists,” Trong said.

Along with tightening its relations with the public, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has also contributed to preserving the cultures of ethnic groups in Southeast Asia and beyond the region. So far, it has collected about 30,000 objects featuring the cultures of Vietnamese ethnic groups and the cultural persity of Southeast Asian countries.

Professor Nguyen Van Huy, Member of the National Heritage Council, said, “The public plays a vital role to museums, so understanding public demand is indispensable to museums. To attract visitors, it is vital that museums persify their displays and expand the space devoted to specialist exhibitions so that visitors can access different displays at the same time.”

Most domestic and foreign visitors to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology said the museum offered them a chance to mix with a vivid space featuring the lives of people in every part of the country. Through museum activities, visitors can see how artisans make various kinds of handicrafts such as brocade, sedge mats, bamboo and rattan products, ceramics, Dong Ho paintings, and folk toys. They can also enjoy the folk songs of ethnic groups such as Tay, Nung, Dao, Bo Y, Pa Then, Lo Lo, Thai, and xoan singing - a genre of Vietnamese folk music that is practiced in Phu Tho Province in the first two months of the lunar year.


Thanh Tam

To attract more visitors, Vo Quang Trong said in the time to come, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is set to organize special collections featuring the cultures of ethnic communities from all over the world.