eScooter Sharing System launched in Vietnam: Green mobility for a sustainable city life

10:15 | 06/12/2016 Society

(VEN) - The second eScooter Sharing System was launched at Vietnamese-German University on December 5th.  This is the result of a joint project between Bosch in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HCMUT), Danang University of Science and Technology (DUT), and Vietnamese-German University (VGU). Students working in this project are winners of the Green Challenge contest which was co-organized by Bosch in Vietnam and the above mentioned universities in 2015. The best ideas from the contest were then put into implementation from the beginning of 2016.  

escooter sharing system launched in vietnam green mobility for a sustainable city life

Bosch sponsored more than VND 4 billion (about USD 182,000) for this pilot project. The first eScooter Sharing System was launched on November 21st, 2016 at HCMUT (Ho Chi Minh City) and the third one will be inaugurated at DUT (Danang city) this December. In this pilot project, students of the three universities can use 18 eScooters free of charge within their campuses, after registering online.

Introducing the eScooter Sharing System based on a shared usage model, currently in a pilot phase, Bosch and the Universities offer a smart and eco-friendly alternative to commuting for end users. Mr. Vo Quang-Hue said: “We believe that research and development will help enhance the competitiveness and build up a knowledge economy in Vietnam”. Through this project, Bosch wants to initiate stronger cooperation between businesses and academia to boost research and development activities. Mr. Vo added that, this system, if properly implemented in large cities, will help solve challenges in public transportation and in environmental protection. Furthermore, the system will be one of the solutions for building up smart cities.

escooter sharing system launched in vietnam green mobility for a sustainable city life

To use the service, an account can be created at and users login to locate the station and book an eScooter. Users will then be provided with a code and a control card to activate an eScooter at the chosen docking station. This control card is used as a key for the eScooter, locking, unlocking, and opening the helmet box under the seat. All eScooters are electrically charged at the charging stations which are using solar energy; each charging station is equipped with the solar panels on its roof. A fully-charged eScooter can travel up to 80km, at the maximum speed of 45km per hour. People aged 18 and above with a motorcycle driving license can use these eScooters.

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