Eradicate computer illiteracy for disadvantaged youth in the coastal area

10:29 | 04/12/2017 Science - Technology

December 3rd 2017, at Cua Van floating cultural center, Ha Long, Quang Ninh, parents from fishing villages, those of the generation that have never used computers and the Internet, were touched when their children get access to computers and are taught to use some basic computer skills.

Ms Ho Thi Yen Thu- Deputy Director of MCD Vietnam indicated “Enabling boat” project

The study tour and community dialogue was attended by representatives from Ha Long Department of Education and Training, Ha Long Bay Management Board, the Youth Union, the staff of some wards in the area, young people who have joined the project "Enabling Boat" and their parents. The meeting with local authorities, fishermen and local youth working in Cua Van not only improves the awareness of protecting the environment and the heritage values ​​of Ha Long Bay, but also enhances the endorsement of the parents and local authorities for the program to support these young people with limited access to computers. This could enable them to study more and develop their future lives and careers thanks to information technology (IT) and computer science.

During the visit, the delegation was introduced with Cua Van floating cultural center where artifacts and materials on the economic and spiritual life of local fishermen were preserved. In the mean time, sharing about marine conservation and promotion of Ha Long Bay’s heritage values was made.

Ms Ho Thi Yen Thu- Deputy Director of MCD Vietnam indicated: ““Enabling boat” project has been implemented in Quang Ninh province since the beginning of 2017 with the purpose of bringing IT to life, particularly raising awareness and enhancing the capacity of using IT and knowledge related to climate change and environmental protection for adolescents and communities in difficult coastal areas. The project has trained more than 150 local trainers, 200 local youth and facilitated events that spread information to thousands of people. We are proud to witness the maturity of the children and see them bravely expressing their dreams of contributing to the development of their hometown through innovative computer science products".

At the dialogue, young people who participated in the trainings shared their colorful, lively and creative products after learning basic computer knowledge and skills and applying them to express thoughts, actions in protecting the heritage of Ha Long Bay for a better future. In addition, getting access to IT helps them change their perceptions and broaden their knowledge about marine life and environment for their study and life. Therefore, they will be more mature, becoming knowledgeable and skillful citizens.

The project "Enabling Boat" was sponsored by Microsoft and Acer, implemented by Center for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD), in collaboration with Vietnet Information Technology and Communication Center (Vietnet-ICT) and local partners. A similar study tour and community dialogue was also held in Vung Vieng fishing village on Ha Long Bay where the delegation, local youth and their parents visited eco-friendly aquaculture livelihood models in combination with responsible tourism which are supported by MCD.

Nam Phuong