Entrepreneur Pham Van Quang overcomes difficulties

14:08 | 06/11/2013 Companies

(VEN) - Pham Van Quang graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Foreign Trade University. Together with friendly communication style, Dong Phuong Co., Ltd. Director Pham Van Quang has overcome difficulties and challenges and achieved success.

The Dong Phuong Co., Ltd. is a unit investing in Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Zone, Quang Nam. When reporters asked Pham Van Quang a reason for choosing Quang Nam as an investment destination, he said that it was due to a fate. However, Pham Van Quang also stressed that Quang Nam Province’s investment policies were attractive to investors and administrative procedures for the establishment of the company were concerned and performed faster.  

Specializing in seafood processing with main products of squid and octopus, together with the determination in ensuring sustainable development, the company’s products have always ensured good quality and have not affected the environment. The company actively invested in wastewater treatment system according to international standards. In addition, to increase productivity and reduce labor force, the company has actively purchased modern machinery and equipment.

Despite challenges and difficulties in the context of an economic recession, the Dong Phuong Co., Ltd. has remained working. Almost orders to the company have come from the Japanese market. The company currently has created jobs for more than 400 workers. Pham Van Quang said that due to an increase in prices of raw materials, the company has faced difficulties. The company cannot purchase raw materials in the country due to the dumping of Chinese merchants. To have enough raw materials, the company has to import seafood from Indonesia.

In the overall development plan in the near future, Pham Van Quang said that the company will construct another factory. With its factory, a capacity will increase from 600 tonnes to 1,200 tonnes. Together with the construction of its factory, wastewater treatment system will be paid special attention. The company is piloting the construction of wastewater treatment system due to type A to re-use 80 percent of industrial wastewater. Putting a new factory into operation will create more jobs for workers, contributing to ensuring social security in the province. “If anybody overcomes challenges and difficulties, they will achieve success,” Pham Van Quang said./.

Hao Hanh

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