love for hanoi through the lens of a british diplomat Love for Hanoi through the lens of a British diplomat

14:48 | 08/02/2017 Fashion & Life

(VEN) - Hanoi was neither the place where John Ramsden began his career, nor the place where he fell in love at first sight, but this senior diplomat has a passionate love for Hanoi, which remains unchanged today.
the man who brought royal chickens to northern vietnam The man who brought Royal chickens to northern Vietnam

16:24 | 03/02/2017 Fashion & Life

(VEN) - Quy Phi chicken, also known as Royal chicken, originated from Europe. With crests that look like Buddha’s hands, black and white feathers, and red eyes, Royal chickens look quite different from other breeds. Due to its special name and attractive appearance, Royal chicken has become a favored choice for many Vietnamese consumers, especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year (Tet). Tran Huy Hoi was the first farmer to introduce the regal breed to northern Vietnam.  
tet through foreign eyes Tet through foreign eyes

09:55 | 01/02/2017 Fashion & Life

(VEN) - Foreigners living in Vietnam, who have already experienced Tet, the Lunar New Year celebration, are looking forward to the experience. Those who have not, but have heard a lot about it, are curious about the many holiday customs and traditions.
saigons tet flower street extends run as crowds keep pouring in Saigon’s Tet flower street extends run as crowds keep pouring in

14:53 | 31/01/2017 Fashion & Life

Officials in Ho Chi Minh City have decided to keep the iconic Tet flower street open through late Wednesday, giving visitors one extra day to start the Year of the Rooster with a stroll and take all the selfies they want.
vietnam readies rare birds for year of the chicken Vietnam readies rare birds for 'Year of the Chicken'

10:25 | 25/01/2017 Fashion & Life

Vietnam's zodiac calendar holds 2017 as the Year of the Rooster. Breeders throughout the country are getting their best birds ready for market.
winter cold brings frost to mountains in northern vietnam Winter cold brings frost to mountains in northern Vietnam

15:22 | 11/01/2017 Fashion & Life

Occasional frost and snow in Vietnam often amazed both locals and foreigners.
vietnamese beauty wins best costume at miss tourism international Vietnamese beauty wins best costume at Miss Tourism International

10:40 | 10/01/2017 Fashion & Life

Vietnamese representative Pham Thuy Linh won the best costume award at the 19th Miss Tourism International recently took place in Malaysia.
lanhuong fashion house new tourist attraction Lanhuong Fashion House, new tourist attraction

11:03 | 06/01/2017 Fashion & Life

(VEN) - The Hanoi Department of Tourism launched a Vietnamese Ao dai Space at the Lanhuong Fashion House at 18 Au Co Road in Tay Ho District, Hanoi. As the first fashion place in Hanoi to be recognized as a destination for tourists to the city, Lanhuong Fashion House has become a peerless destination for those who love Ao Dai (the Vietnamese traditional long dress).  
hanoi threatens to close cursing noodles shop featured on cnn show Hanoi threatens to close 'Cursing Noodles' shop featured on CNN show

11:02 | 03/01/2017 Fashion & Life

The shop and the likes are told to stop being rude.
charity music night for poor children Charity music night for poor children

13:52 | 29/12/2016 Fashion & Life

On January 3 and 4, L’Espace will host a charity music night entitled The Trip – A Beautiful Harmony of Love with the participation of junior artists from TV reality shows such as Vieät Nam Idol Kids, The Voice Kids, Dancing with the Star Kids, and Little Hero.
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