audi vietnam recalls 182 cars suvs with faulty fuel pipes Audi Vietnam recalls 182 cars, SUVs with faulty fuel pipes

15:14 | 07/05/2019 Car & Motor

Audi will recall 182 cars and SUVs to replace faulty fuel pipes, the Vietnam Register has announced.
more manufacturers enter e motorbike market More manufacturers enter e-motorbike market

11:06 | 03/05/2019 Car & Motor

The Vietnamese electric motorbike market is seeing the participation of more and more domestic and foreign manufacturers.  
vinfast automobile factory to become operational in june VinFast automobile factory to become operational in June

15:16 | 24/04/2019 Car & Motor

Vietnamese automaker VinFast announced on April 16 that the firm will officially put its automobile manufacturing factory into operation in June this year, three month earlier than the initial schedule.
sales of imported automobiles surge in q1 Sales of imported automobiles surge in Q1

14:42 | 17/04/2019 Car & Motor

Sales of imported automobiles recorded a year-on-year leap of 234 percent to about 32,000 vehicles in the first quarter of this year, announced the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturer Association (VAMA) on April 10.
ministry of transport rejects investors proposal to close expressway Ministry of Transport rejects investor’s proposal to close expressway

11:25 | 10/04/2019 Car & Motor

An investor’s proposal that it closes an expressway because it is not allowed to collect toll has been rejected by the Ministry of Transport.
singaporean firms taxi joint venture in vietnam suffers losses Singaporean firm’s taxi joint venture in Vietnam suffers losses

16:23 | 03/04/2019 Car & Motor

ComfortDelgro Savico Taxi, a joint venture between a Singaporean transport corporation and Vietnamese motor vehicle dealer, lost $103,000 last year.
vinfast tests its first 155 lux cars abroad VinFast tests its first 155 Lux cars abroad

15:50 | 29/03/2019 Car & Motor

The first batch of VinFast Lux cars have shipped to 14 countries in four continents for quality and safety tests.
vietnamese company succeeds in developing lithium battery Vietnamese company succeeds in developing lithium battery

11:18 | 26/03/2019 Car & Motor

Power Centric, a Vietnamese company based in the Saigon High-tech Park, has succeeded in developing a lithium battery technology called Mopo for use in electric bikes.
vama reports sharpest month on month fall in automobile sales VAMA reports sharpest month-on-month fall in automobile sales

11:28 | 21/03/2019 Car & Motor

Automobile sales in February declined 61 percent from the previous month, the sharpest month-on-month fall ever.
hanoi to restrict bikes on some routes en route to total ban Hanoi to restrict bikes on some routes en route to total ban

11:16 | 18/03/2019 Car & Motor

In a rehearsal for a total ban in downtown Hanoi, a pilot motorbike restriction will be enforced on some streets.
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