Enterprises expect more reforms in taxation administrative procedures

11:24 | 09/03/2017 Economy

Around 75% of enterprises are satisfied with administrative procedure reforms in taxation, up 4% compared to 2014 but 34% of enterprises complained about so-called 'unofficial costs' during a taxation inspections survey.

Enterprises show the least satisfaction with taxation civil servants (image for illustration)

The survey on administrative procedure reforms in taxation measuring taxpayer satisfaction in 2016 was announced at a ceremony held in Hanoi on March 7.

According to the survey, enterprises claimed that the payment of unofficial costs creates inequality and unfair competition.

Representative of the research team Dau Anh Tuan, who is also head of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)'s Legal Department said that 41% of survey respondents said they encountered inconveniences while carrying out taxation administrative procedures, particularly taxation declaration, taxation finalisation, tax refund and registering tax code changes.

Despite the improvements to tax refund procedures, enterprises registered complaints about these procedures and only 16% of enterprises carried out tax refunds.

Regarding tax inspection, about 53% of enterprises had to receive tax inspection teams and larger enterprises had to receive more inspection teams, causing annoyance for enterprises, Tuan said.

In addition, enterprises showed the least satisfaction with taxation civil servants and 16% of enterprises said civil servants in taxation were impolite and uncivilised.

VCCI Chairman Vu Tien Loc said the announcement of the survey results conducted jointly by the VCCI and the World Bank was of great significance under which enterprises can raise their voice in relation to tax information access, implementation of administrative procedures, the settlement of procedures, tax inspection and the service of tax officials, among other issues.

The survey attracted the participation of nearly 3,500 enterprises from 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

Theo NDO