Ensuring safe working conditions – factors in retaining and attracting employees in the express delivery industry during the year-end season

12:09 | 30/12/2021 Society

According to a recent report "The labor market in the 4th wave of Covid-19 - 2021: Situation and Direction" published by Vietnamworks, 87% of employees are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Notably, up to 51.4% of employees said they would change jobs after the pandemic ended. This has the potentials to cause disturbance to the labor market and put businesses in human resource challenges that are difficult to find a solution.

According to some express delivery employees, ensuring health and safety is the factor that they are most concerned about in the context of the pandemic. At the same time, financial support will help them stabilize and stick to their work.

According to Ms. Kieu Thi Tien Dung – HR Director of J&T Express, at the end of the year, with unpredictable epidemic developments affecting human resources, especially in the freight forwarding and express delivery industries, which need increased activities in the year-end season. Therefore, J&T Express understands the importance of attracting new employees as well as retaining existing employees. According to Ms. Dung, J&T Express has implemented diversified human resource policies and maintained a staff turnover ratio of less than double digits during the difficult time. This is considered the number that all businesses want to achieve in order to stabilize the number of employees and develop the company in a sustainable way.

From the beginning of the 4th outbreak, J&T Express promptly came up with an action plan with dual goals: "Ensuring safety, maintaining peace of mind" for employees. J&T Express promptly deployed the Covid-19 vaccination to a team of more than 25,000 people at more than 1,000 post offices across 63 provinces and cities all over the country. All J&T Express employees have their temperature checked twice a day to promptly detect infections if any.

J&T Express established an internal Covid-19 Prevention Team to guide employees in detail from the smallest procedures such as scanning QR codes for daily medical declaration to overall health care measures in case they are quarantined. 100% of employees comply with 5K principles such as implementing contactless delivery, wearing masks and medical gloves during the packaging process.

Contactless delivery and health care measures are also actively implemented by J&T Express to help customers feel secure in using the service. The Track and Trace system, the delivery application of J&T Express, not only helps shippers and customers track the shipping journey of an order, but also an effective tool to track the journey quickly in case there is a need to provide accurate information to the authorities. The “Safe Parcel Card” on each package with the information about the shipper’s health status and temperature, or the J&T Shipper wearing a badge confirming “I am vaccinated against Covid-19” also helps to raise responsibility and awareness of pandemic prevention for employees as well as help customers feel more secure when delivering and receiving goods.

The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on income is the second factor that makes many employees insecure. In recognizing this, J&T Express quickly established the "J&T Care Support Fund," with a total beginning value of up to 5 billion VND, to promptly support cases of employees and their families suffering difficulties due to the impact of the pandemic. Depending on the specific cases, the Fund will support from 2 million VND per person to 5 million VND per person.

The above efforts of J&T not only ensure the health and safety factors to maintain transportation during the pandemic but also help the staff to stay with the company for a longer time. Once the human factor is ensured, J&T Express will be able to thrive in the new normal and remain steady in the face of several unexpected occurrences.