Ensuring people’s social welfare is important

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(VEN) - A conference on ensuring people’s social welfare through the enforcement of the Law on Social Insurance was held by the National Assembly’s Committee for Social Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs (MOLISA), and Vietnam Social Insurance.

Ensuring people’s social welfare is important

Social insurance is one of the main policies of the party and state on social welfare. According to Deputy Head of the National Assembly (NA) Committee for Social Affairs Bui Sy Loi, the 2014 Law on Social Insurance had a number of new points, such as the expansion of social insurance coverage, conditions to get retirement pensions, adjustments of monthly payment level to calculate retirement pension, and retirement pension subsidies.

Under the revised Law on Social Insurance, to expand social insurance coverage, seasonal workers with one to three-month contracts will become eligible to join the compulsory social insurance scheme. This regulation is an opportunity for every people to take part in the compulsory social insurance and also a support policy for the expansion of voluntary social insurance participants.

The law also revised the retirement regimes such as adjusting the calculation of retirement pensions based on insurance payments and duration, and adding conditions to get retirement pensions. Particularly, this time the law entrusted social insurance agencies to inspect social insurance payments by enterprises to avoid liabilities and so as not to affect the rights and benefits of thousands of workers.

Former Director of the Department of Social Insurance under MOLISA Pham Do Nhat Tan said these new regulations had positive meanings and human culture that allow every worker to take part in social insurance. However, due to the inadequate awareness of workers, there were always cheatings on social insurance declarations and payments, which had existed for a long time, especially in the non-state sector and small and medium-sized enterprises that were subject to loose and inefficient management measures by functional agencies.

Vietnam set a target to have 50 percent of the nation’s workforce to participate in social insurance programs, 35 percent in unemployment insurance programs and 80 percent in health insurance programs.

Therefore, to ensure social welfare for workers, experts recommended several solutions when the revised law comes into effect by January 1, 2016. They include widespread propaganda on the most basic contents of the Law on Social Insurance to every sector, agencies and organizations at all levels; drafting feasible guide documents for the Law on Social Insurance according to regulations of the government and determining financial resources to support voluntary social insurance participants in different plans to submit to the government for approval in terms of support time and levels and subjects of the support.

Head of the Labor Relations Department of the Vietnam Labor Confederation Le Trong Sang also said in the coming time, the Vietnam Labor Confederation will further step up its activities in areas of social insurance and health insurance.

By Phuong Tam


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