Enhancing capacity of productivity improvement specialists

11:42 | 01/04/2020 Society

From  March 30 to April 4, 2020, the Vietnam National Productivity Institute (VNPI), in collaboration with the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), held an online conference to launch a capacity development project for productivity specialist certification agency.

The project was designed to develop capacity of the productivity specialist certification agency, which hopes to bring the consulting and training capacity of national specialists to the regional and international levels. Accordingly, APO will assist VNPI in building capacity that ensures compliance with the requirements of certification body and operation under APO’s certification program.

enhancing capacity of productivity improvement specialists
Online conference to launch a capacity development project for productivity specialist certification agency

Opening remarks at the conference, Dr. Ha Minh Hiep, Deputy General Director of the Directorate of Standards, Metrology and Quality commented, “The certification body development project is a key project of VNPI, which is a part of the plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2020 and also a mission in Prime Ministerial Instruction 7-CT/TTg on solutions to enhance national labor productivity passed by the Prime Minister in February 2020. Accrodingly, Vietnam is one of the third member countries of APO, which is designated as the certification body along with Indonesia and Maylaysia. It is an important foundation for Vietnam to develop a network of productitvity specialists at international level, which will help Vietnamese enterprises improve productivity as well as enhance competitiveness in the context of global intergration.”

The scheme will provide VNPI with training and consultancy on establishing organizational structure, documentation systems, and procedures matching APO’s requirements for certification body of productivity specialists. As for VNPI, the organization will set up plans to implement CBD, as well as evaluate the current qualifications, and identify necessary contents to improve capacity of existing the certification body. The project is expected to be completed in August 2020, by which time VNPI will be recognized as APO’s certification body by APO-AB.

During the five-day conference, the certification body group of VNPI and APO will discuss many contents including general requirements for certification bodies in APO-AB 1003:2020; general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons in ISO:IEC 17024:2012; requirements and process of productivity specialists certification in APO-PS 101:2019.

APO General Secretary Achmad Kurnia Prawira Mochtan said APO has committed to supporting Vietnam in promoting productivity improvement activities, among which is developing capacities of Vietnamese productivity specialists.

“The VNPI is spearheading the national productivity movement through various programs and activities including training on productivity and quality, human resources development and building productivity networks, and assessing and recognizing enterprises’ productivity improvement efforts such as through 5S, lean applications, and total productive maintenance. The latest initiative is developing a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program. These activities will sustain national productivity growth and contribute to socioeconomic development. To ensure that its current programs are aligned with international standards of practice and expand them to the certification of productivity professionals, the VNPI is planning to become an APO-accredited CB,” Achmad Kurnia Prawira Mochtan said

The project promises to contribute to boosting consulting and training capacities of national specialists as well as develop highly-trained, qualified, reliable network of productivity specialists with regional and international certifications.

On February 4, 2020, the Prime Minister passed the Instruction 7-CT/TTg on solutions to enhance national labor productivity and asked the Ministry of Science and Technology to quickly implement APO’s productivity projects, including the certification body development project on training, evaluating, and certifying specialists in productivity improvement (CBD).

Thu Huong