Energy sector prioritizes investment in technology

15:03 | 22/04/2019 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Considering technology as the key to sustainable energy development, the electricity, coal, oil and gas sectors have invested strongly in science and technology.

energy sector prioritizes investment in technology

Technology application

In recent years, the electricity sector has promoted the installation of 110kV and 220kV smart transformer substations. High technology has also been applied in developing power sources, power grids and operation, regulation, information and telecommunication power systems. The oil and gas sector has developed a major database catering for exploration and extraction activities.

The mining industry has piloted the production of microemulsion hydraulic oil with annual output of 500 tonnes and the product has been used in coal extraction by the Dong Bac Corporation under the Ministry of Defense. The domestic demand for this product is about 4,000 tonnes per year, most of which is imported. The cost of experimental production equals to only 63.2 percent of the price of imported products.

Nguyen Van Vy, Vice President of the Vietnam Energy Association, affirmed that the oil and gas sector is applying the most modern technologies compared with other industries in Vietnam. Scientific research and technology application have been developed in all segments of the oil and gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream), as well as in trade, management, safety and environmental protection activities in this sector.

The domestic electricity sector has reached an advanced regional level of science and technology, with various research results successfully applied in production and trade. The coal sector has also taken the initiative in research and technology improvement. Most underground mining units have mechanized coal extraction activities.

Raising local content

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoIT) has coordinated with relevant agencies to institutionalize guidelines and policies of the Party and the State and create a favorable legal environment to promote technology transfer and improvement, especially in the energy sector.

The Science and Technology Development Strategy until 2020 indicates the need to promote research and master the technology of manufacturing equipment for medium and high capacity hydropower and thermal power plants; research on new and renewable energy resources, as well as solutions for energy efficiency in production, transmission and consumption.

To develop the energy industry, Nguyen Van Vy believes Vietnam needs to raise the local content rate of equipment at hydropower and thermal power plants and oil and gas drilling platforms, as well as of other oversized structures catering for the oil and gas industry. In his opinion, Vietnam also needs to import necessary technology to manufacture energy equipment.

Businesses, especially economic groups, should be encouraged to promote scientific research and technology development. The forms of investment in energy equipment manufacturing should be diversified. It is necessary to build and develop strong energy equipment manufacturing groups.

Nguyen Van Vy, Vice President of Vietnam Energy Association:

Vietnam needs to research and master the technology of manufacturing equipment for all wind and solar power

projects, as well as power transmission and distribution systems.

Quynh Nga