Energy efficiency and new energy sources key to Vietnam: official

11:05 | 11/08/2018 Industry

Further stepping up the application of energy efficient technologies while mastering new energy sources, such as wind and solar power, are key solutions to the energy issue in Vietnam, an official has said.

Energy efficiency and new sources of energy are the key to solving Vietnam’s energy issue

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung made the statement during the Vietnam Technology and Energy Forum 2018, held in Hanoi on July 31 by the Ministry of Science and Technology in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The event aims to promote the application and development of technology with the goal of increasing energy efficiency, while discussing the challenges and technological solutions for sustainable development in the energy sector.

Deputy Minister Tung said that in the context of high energy demand, Vietnam has exploited almost of its available hydroelectric power source to the maximum level. As the plan to develop atomic energy has been put on hold, the country has been importing primary energy for power production, he said.

It is therefore necessary to diversify new and renewable energy sources to improve the capacity, efficiency, sustainability and adaptability of the national energy sector, as well as realising international commitments towards the goals of sustainable development, he said.

After nearly ten years of implementation of the Vietnam Energy Development Strategy 2010-2020, Vietnam's energy sector has recorded positive results in line with the strategy's orientations. In 2010 the actual primary energy growth rate was higher than the set target (52.7 million tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE) compared to the set 47.5-49.5 million TOE).

However, there are some targets that will not be met, such as the refining capacity of Dung Quat and Nghi Son refineries, as the target set for 2020 is about 20-30 million tonnes of crude oil but the figure is likely to only be 16.5 million tonnes.

With policies for the efficient use of traditional energy sources, such as coal and hydropower, the Government has set up a framework to diversify the sources of energy supplies and support the development of renewable energy, especially solar and wind power.

In the near future, the Ministry of Science and Technology will focus on researching and mastering technologies related to the manufacture of equipment for hydro and thermal electric plants with medium and large capacity, while promoting research and applying new forms of energy, as well as researching technological solutions for economical and efficient use in the production, transmission and consumption of energy.

Theo NDO