Encouraging investment in high-tech agriculture

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(VEN) - Intensive investment in high-tech agriculture to ensure higher productivity and quality is a good orientation for the southern province of Dong Nai. In 2015, many high-tech agricultural projects will be implemented in the province by both domestic and foreign investors.

Encouraging investment in high-tech agriculture

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat (third from the left) visits an experimental model at the Biotechnology Application Center

Focusing on experiments and transfers of research results

Director of Dong Nai Province Department of Science and Technology Pham Van Sang said to promote the province’s agricultural production to ensure higher productivity and quality, the provincial party committee and the provincial people’s committee have established a 208-hectare Biotechnology Application Center to build experimental models and transfer the research results to local farmers.

After only a few years of operations, the center has attracted many large projects in the fields of seed and animal breed production, farm produce processing and high-tech agricultural product production. Projects for processing farm produce associated with developing material regions have proved significant in transferring and expanding high-tech agricultural models to local farmers.

In addition, the provincial Biotechnology Application Center has now attracted many investors to the high-tech production of seeds and animal breeds. One of the projects of this kind has produced 42 types of F1 vegetable seeds and provided 45 tonnes of the vegetable seed to the market. Other products have been transferred to growers.

The center has also developed a model of growing plants in net houses to produce and supply high value agricultural products such as melons and cucumbers. This year, the center is expected to expand this model by five hectares. It is also building a mechanical workshop and installing a net house with a capacity of 50ha per year which will provide favorable conditions to transfer and expand this model to farmers.

Attracting investment in high-tech agriculture

According to Director of Dong Nai Province Department of Science and Technology Pham Van Sang, the Government Office announced prime ministerial approval to establish a Dong Nai Agricultural High Tech Park in the province. This is should offer a major advantage to attract more investors in the province’s high-tech agriculture sector.

In 2015, the Dong Nai Biotechnology Application Center will carry out a number of large-scale projects in the fields of producing seeds and animal breeds; producing high-tech agricultural products and implementing projects on processing plants. The most outstanding and also the newest one is the project on producing kaoliang seeds in Dong Nai - a new plant originated from Japan, and planning production regions for this plant across the country. This project is jointly implemented by the Viet Nong Company Limited and the NTS Partners Co, Ltd (Ho Chi Minh City).

In early 2015, Dong Nai Province signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation and investment with Japan, under which the two sides will cooperate to build chains in agriculture from production, preliminary treatment, processing to distribution stages. In this chain, the Dong Nai Biotechnology Application Center will transfer advanced seed, breeding and production technologies and implement pilot models with participation of local farmers.                                                                                                            

By Mien Nam

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