How do you pronounce ‘successful app’?

Elsa Speak will tell you

14:00 | 25/06/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - A speech recognition app based on artificial intelligence offers a more effective solution to achieving native English-language pronunciation. Elsa Speak listens to the way language learners pronounce words, pinpoints errors and provides real-time feedback on pronunciation mistakes with specific improvement suggestions.

elsa speak will tell you
The Elsa Speak app

English speaking practice

Elsa Speak CEO Van Dinh Hong Vu was one of 100 Vietnamese scientists participating in the Vietnam Innovation Network 2018. She and most of her international friends experienced a shock when they went to study abroad due to their inability to speak English fluently. Therefore, she decided to develop Elsa Speak to create a proprietary speech recognition technology that helps English learners around the world speak English fluently and with confidence.

Based on machine learning, Elsa Speak can automatically analyze each sound, identifying learners’ pronunciation mistakes and giving them specific instructions for correct pronunciation. With a mobile phone connected to the internet, users can practice English listening and speaking.

The app also introduces a new function called Teacher Dashboard, which enables teachers to keep track of their students’ performance. English teachers can build their own module on the app, integrate it into their curriculum, and provide students with personalized help.

elsa speak will tell you
Elsa Speak CEO Van Dinh Hong Vu

To date, Elsa Speak has established partnerships with dozens of schools and businesses in Vietnam, India, Brazil and the Ukraine. In addition to introducing new functions in the most user-friendly way, the app also complies strictly with data security regulations.

Successful capital call

With an advanced technology platform having a strong impact on the community, Elsa Speak was the first Vietnamese startup to win the SXSWEdu 2016 Launch. The app was also recognized as Top 5 best artificial intelligence apps by Research Snipers and Top 10 must-have artificial intelligence apps by Analytics India.

By the beginning of 2018, after attracting several million users in 100 countries and a growing staff, Monk’s Hill Ventures invested additional US$3.2 million in Elsa Speak. In 2019, Gradient Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in artificial intelligence on Google, invested US$7 million in the app.

With its striking innovation in artificial intelligence, Elsa Speak was honored as Gold Winner for Innovation in Education and Training Apps at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie Award.

Elsa Speak recently received an investment from the Vietnam Investments Group and SIG. Van Dinh Hong Vu said that with the fresh fund, the startup plans to enter Latin American countries as well as develop B2B platform.

In addition, Elsa Speak will accelerate expansion in Vietnam, India and Japan, where demand for learning English has increased strongly in recent years. Elsa Speak also signed a cooperation agreement with IDP, the co-owner of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and a global leader in international education services. With 13 million users, the app is gradually helping young people eliminate language barriers.

Elsa Speak announced cooperation with the office of Project 844 that promotes the Vietnamese creative startup community.

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