ELCA: Swiss solutions provider nurtures, fosters IT talents

06:00 | 11/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - ELCA is one of the biggest independent Swiss IT solutions providers that partner with Fortune 500 companies to provide intelligently designed software solutions using the Agile methodology and a distributed teams approach. The group is privately owned, with offices in Lausanne (headquarter), Zurich, Basel, Berne, Geneva, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Mauritius and Vietnam.

elca swiss solutions provider nurtures fosters it talents

In Vietnam, ELCA has been operating for 23 years and has become an ideal workplace of choice for young IT talents. Frederic Montier, General Director, ELCA Vietnam, says Vietnam’s IT industry has bucked the trend by experiencing massive growth in numbers and demand.

However, with the rapid growth of the IT industry in Vietnam, recruitment has become a greater challenge. “Strong IT companies, like ELCA, need to continue to collaborate with universities to develop well rounded young professionals. The universities, for their part, should continue focusing on the solid fundamental knowledge and training for students, while the IT companies should make long-term commitments for student’s career growth and development.”

Frederic said that the company’s success in recruiting talent is, in part, from the consistent support of local universities, but mostly based on their “integrity and a collaborative working environment”, which is well known across the industry and something much sought after by university students wanting a long-term growth and development opportunity with a top IT company.”

ELCA Vietnam offers a conduit for its staff to experience the world as part of its learning and development program. This is done, not only through global communication and language learning but also, with occasional visits to its European offices as a real life learning experience.

With a proud history and focus on future growth, Frederic noted, “I think among our greatest achievements would have to be our consistent growth, long-term employees, and the fact that we have developed so many IT professionals who have made a meaningful contribution to the industry in Vietnam and the world.”

Frederic stressed that ELCA places all employees as its first priority. Even, during the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, as employees worked from home, recruitment grew and in house training was at an all-time high. All employees were given subsidies for electricity, internet service and healthcare, he said.

elca swiss solutions provider nurtures fosters it talents

Bucking the trend

Frederic noted that ELCA was not significantly affected by the fourth wave. In fact, its business and productivity grew. He said: “This pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in unforeseen ways. Specific technologies have become particularly important, like cloud solutions. ELCA is now offering a sovereign cloud service, with particular emphasis on data security.”

In particular, cybersecurity has become a more important issue because, during this pandemic, it was not just the speed of digital transformation that increased, but also the number of cyberattacks on companies and users. ELCA has made some “quantum leaps” into these areas to assist its many customers over the pandemic whilst creating a safe work environment for its people working from home.

He said the company planned to continue its steady growth in Vietnam. “Our local office is a cornerstone of our global operations and an essential part of our delivery profile for our customers. We have a reputation of living our core values and the added strength of support from Switzerland and our other global offices. We are here for the long haul.”

My Phung