Creative decoration contest - Ford EcoSport Paint Your “True Color"

EcoSport’s versatile and diversified transformation

09:04 | 07/08/2019 Companies

(VEN) - With a dynamic design, versatibilty and performance, Ford EcoSport has created a source of inspiration for the contestants, encouraging individuals to find their own colors. The contest became the connecting factor for a community of creative youths with energetic and unique lifestyles.

ecosports versatile and diversified transformation
The winning artists

At the award ceremony of the Ford EcoSport - Paint Your “True Color” contest, Ford Vietnam exhibited 10 creative EcoSport artwork with various styles. These were the products made by the 10 candidates with the highest number of votes from the judge panel and social media viewers.

Just one month after making its announcement, the organizing committee received more than 76 original designs from the contestants, ranging from traditional values with Chim Lac, Dong Son drum, and Vietnamese Classical Opera to youthful, modern graphic styles imbued with street life. The designs, which were applied on various EcoSport’s colors, created their own impressions on the viewers and conveyed meaningful messages such as upholding traditional values, protecting the environment, or affirming women’s power.

Thanks to its dynamic design, versability and performance, Ford EcoSport brought many perspectives and sources of inspiration for the contestants. Drawing his inspiration from the image of Chim Lac, Dao Quang Huy gained appreciation from the art council as well as the social media community, thus winning the first prize. “The image of Chim Lac has always been portrayed with a wide wingspan that symbolizes fast movement. These are also the similar characteristics that I recognized while I was observing EcoSport. I chose the red car to go with the yellow pattern, which are the two dominant colors on the national flag of Vietnam, to boost the viewer’s sense of familiarity and national pride,” Dao Quang Huy said.

ecosports versatile and diversified transformation
All of the artworks have their creative and unique designs

Ford EcoSport, which has several driving assistant technology (DATs), is always the “right-hand man” of many drivers, including female. This could also be the reason why there were several female artists in the contest. Through their designs, these artists wanted to express their own opinions and personalities as well as to amplify the women’s position as equal to men’s on the driveway and in their lives.

As an SUV, Ford EcoSport is a reliable companion and the top choice for young families in Vietnam. This is also expressed in the work of EcoSport owner - Nguyen Quang Xuan Vinh - a runner-up in the creative design contest. Xuan Vinh said, “My inspiration came from the journeys with EcoSport that my family has. I bring into my design all the destinations that my family has driven along. The youthful color tones are the metaphors for the happy moments and unforgettable memories that we had on every journey.”

After rolling out 20,000 cars at the end of 2018, EcoSport continues to make remarkable achievements with the increasing year-to-date sales of 2,121 cars. The New Ford EcoSport is equipped with many safe and smart leading technologies such as six airbags, SYNC3, electronic stability control, smart keys, rain-sensing wiper, and automatic headlamps. Ford EcoSport has a convenient interior design with 20 intelligent storage spaces and a fun roof that allows the driver and the passengers to commune with nature whenever they want.

Ford EcoSport is equipped with two engine variations: 1.5L Dragon engine and Ford’s reputed EcoBoost 1.0L, as well as an electric power system with either a manual transmission or the new SelectShift automatic transmission. Ford EcoSport has maintained its position as the compact SUV’s pioneering product in Vietnam - meeting the needs of young families and individuals who want to drive through the cities without any sacrifice of convenience or safe and intelligent technologies.

Pham Van Dung - General Director of Ford Vietnam:

“Ever since its launch in Vietnam in 2014, the urban SUV Ford EcoSport has quickly won the heart of a majority of

young customers with its versatility and fuel efficiency. We believe that Ford EcoSport is and will always be a reliable

companion for many drivers on their journeys to discover and express their true colors.”