The industry and trade sector: Breakthroughs to be made in 2014

10:25 | 20/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - A Ministry of Industry and Trade report showed that the 2013 industrial production value is about 5.9 percent more than 2012’s (2012 industrial production value was 5.8 percent higher than 2011’s). Of this, manufacturing and processing industries, including textiles and garments and leather and footwear, among others, grew considerably, contributing greatly to the growth of the 2013 Index of Industrial Production (IIP).
Exhibitions and fairs in Bucarest, Romania in 2014

08:54 | 19/01/2014 Trade

Facilitating bamboo and rattan exports

14:45 | 17/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Investing in production technology and using different kinds of materials to make the same products is considered to be a band-aid but reasonable solution helping businesses save materials while creating differences and increasing the added value of bamboo and rattan products for export.
Promoting agricultural exports to China

14:10 | 16/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Vietnam currently has a big deficit in trade with China, but the value of Vietnamese agricultural exports to China is rather high. Efforts to boost agricultural exports to China can help Vietnam reduce the deficit in trade with this market.
The Mekong Delta: Exports face concerns

08:05 | 16/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Export turnover in the Mekong Delta recorded a good growth in 2013 thanks to rice, seafood and fruit exports. However, in 2014, exports may face challenges and difficulties.
Feasible industry and trade solutions in 2014

16:10 | 15/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Activities in the industry and trade sector in 2013 took effect, especially in supporting and overcoming difficulties for businesses and actively carrying out the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign.
2014 a good year for exporters

10:46 | 14/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - New investment in production and improved European and American import demands for goods are expected to increase Vietnam’s exports in 2014. The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) stood at 51.8 in December 2013, the highest index since April 2011.
Vietnam prepares to open the logistics market

08:10 | 14/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - “Localities, sectors, businesses and the state’s preparations to open the domestic logistics market in 2014 remain desultory and spontaneous. The market is facing the risk of being dominated by foreign businesses,” Professor Dang Dinh Dao, Director of the Institute of Economic and Development Studies under the National Economics University, shared his opinion with Industry and Trade Review’s Anh Tuan.
Vietnamese goods are good-priced and reliable, Walmart says

15:23 | 13/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Vietnamese goods were good-priced and reliable, Senior Vice President - Operations, Global Sourcing at Walmart Ignacio Lopez said at a meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s leaders on January 6.
2014 Bright future for textile, garment sector

11:05 | 13/01/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Based on optimistic forecasts about the situation of the global economy, especially the thriving of large markets such as the US, the EU and Japan, Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) Vice President Le Tien Truong predicted that the Vietnamese textile and garment sector would have a bright future in 2014.
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