Vietnam Expo 2014

10:45 | 08/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Vietnam Expo 2014 will take place at the Giang Vo Fair and Exhibition Center, Hanoi, from April 16-29. The event will be presided over by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Vietnam Expo 2014 will gather Vietnamese and foreign businesses, investors, economic and commercial organizations, creating export, trade, investment and business cooperation opportunities.
A good look at Vietnam’s seafood

11:01 | 07/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - The Australian national television company (ABC Landline) broadcast a 15-minute news-bulletin on February 15 to introduce Vietnam’s aquaculture and seafood processing.
METRO’s conference links suppliers with market

10:35 | 07/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Under the business guideline “METRO – Your Access to the Professional Market”, METRO Cash & Carry Vietnam held its largest ever Conference Suppliers 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City on February 27. The event welcomed more than 1,000 participants who are senior managers representing 615 key producers, suppliers, and professional buyers.
Domestic electronics businesses to exploit market niches

14:02 | 06/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Vietnam has achieved relatively high growth rates in exports of electrical items, phones and electronic parts, reaching US$2.377 billion in exports of phones and electronic parts in January and first half of February, a 22.3 percent increase compared to the same period last year. These results indicate domestic electronics businesses made a minor contribution. However, this does not mean the chance for domestic electronic businesses is less if they know how to exploit market niches.
Vietnam-Turkey trade exceeds US$1 billion

10:21 | 05/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - In 2013, trade between Vietnam and Turkey reached US$1.27 billion and this included over US$1.17 billion worth of Vietnamese exports to Turkey. 2013 was the first year to see Vietnamese exports to Turkey and bilateral trade exceeding US$1 billion.
Exports to US soar

09:36 | 04/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Statistics from the General Department of Customs showed that Vietnamese exports to the US this January increased by 16.2 percent from a year ago exceeding US$2.35 billion.
Vietnam’s exports to France are expected to reach about US$2.45 billion in 2014.

08:56 | 04/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Fabulous Women’s Day at Hotel Equatorial. Hotel Equatorial HCMC’s two award-winning restaurants promised a fabulous Women’s Day celebration on March 8.
Vietnam Expo 2014 nears

11:22 | 03/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - The Vietnam National Trade Fair & Advertising Company (VINEXAD) will launch the 24th Vietnam International Trade Fair (Vietnam Expo 2014) from April 16-19 in Hanoi under the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Vietnamese goods loved more in France

11:19 | 03/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - According to the Vietnamese trade office in France, in the past few years, exports from Vietnam to France have continuously increased although the total demand in France has decreased due to economic recession. In 2012, Vietnam’s exports to France rose nearly 40 percent to reach EUR2.7 billion.
Export surplus reaches US$622 million

10:00 | 03/03/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Statistics from the General Department of Customs showed that Vietnam recorded a trade surplus of about US$622 million from January to February 15, 2014.
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