ninh thuan province aspires to become vietnams clean energy hub Ninh Thuan Province aspires to become Vietnam’s clean energy hub

06:00 | 17/06/2021 Industry

(VEN) - The south central coastal province of Ninh Thuan is seeking to become Vietnam’s renewable, clean energy hub. 
hai phong province practical support for rural industry Hai Phong Province: Practical support for rural industry

06:00 | 12/06/2021 Industry

(VEN) - The funding provided for Hai Phong industry promotion projects, while limited in scope, has motivated rural industrial enterprises to invest in innovation to improve the quality of their products.
quang ngai eyes shift from public to private ip investment Quang Ngai eyes shift from public to private IP investment

08:00 | 10/06/2021 Industry

(VEN) - The south central coastal province of Quang Ngai is seeking to overcome difficulties in development of industrial park (IP) infrastructure by shifting from the current district people’s committee investor model to an enterprise investor model.
southern localities accelerate support industry development Southern localities accelerate support industry development

06:00 | 04/06/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Cities and provinces in the Southern Key Economic Zone, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Dong Nai, are paying greater attention to helping support industries increase the technological content of industrial products to enable their integration into the supply chains of foreign invested companies. 
binh thuan province promotes vocational training Binh Thuan Province promotes vocational training

10:00 | 27/05/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Promoting vocational training to provide highly skilled labor for rural industrial enterprises is a key target of Binh Thuan Province’s industry promotion. However, its implementation is facing difficulties, especially in the enrollment and expansion of participating sectors.
practical support for industry promotion Practical support for industry promotion

09:00 | 25/05/2021 Industry

(VEN) - An association of rural industrial facilities of Quang Nam Province is expected to act as a bridge to provide information and bring industry promotion policies closer to rural industrial facilities.
fdi companies dominate leather footwear exports FDI companies dominate leather, footwear exports

06:00 | 18/05/2021 Industry

(VEN) - The Vietnamese leather and footwear sector is expected to draw new orders resulting from the shift of manufacturing facilities of major brands. However, domestic companies will not benefit from this growth in order if they do not improve their capabilities.
enterprises unable to exploit opportunities Enterprises unable to exploit opportunities

06:00 | 14/05/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Support industry enterprises, which are the backbone of the country’s industrial development, are facing major opportunities offered by Vietnam’s unprecedented number of new-generation free trade agreements (FTAs) but are constrained by numerous challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
clear policies are needed to support vietnams offshore wind industry Clear policies are needed to support Vietnam’s offshore wind industry

16:49 | 13/05/2021 Industry

Vietnam’s increasing demand in energy and high offshore wind energy potential has attracted attention from many investors to the country. Developers and industry associations are calling for stronger policies to provide long-term certainty for the industry.
bac kan touts rural industrial products Bac Kan touts rural industrial products

15:00 | 13/05/2021 Economy

(VEN) - The Bac Kan Department of Industry and Trade has been supporting the northeastern province’s rural industrial products with funding for management technology, product promotion and market searches.
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