Overcoming difficulties to achieve success

14:00 | 09/02/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Co-founder and head of business development at Ono Apps Nimrod Bar-Levin talked about the adverse circumstances in Israel such as severe natural conditions, limited resources and poor living standards. Overcoming difficulties to achieve success, Nimrod Bar-Levin attaches much importance to the human factor.
Adding entrepreneurs and enterprises to the Constitution

09:40 | 08/02/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - According to Item 3, Article 51 of the amended 1992 Constitution, “The state encourages and creates favorable conditions for entrepreneurs, enterprises and other organizations to invest in business activities, contributing to developing the country.” Adding entrepreneurs and enterprises to the amended 1992 Constitution was a new feature and underlines their role in the country’s development.
Takehiro Isei, a devoted researcher

14:00 | 07/02/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Takehiro Isei, already in his seventies, has visited nearly 50 countries across the world, bit decided to choose Vietnam as the terminus of his scientific research career. He is currently an unpaid volunteer at the Mine Safety Center managed by Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Group’s Institute of Mining Science and Technology in Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province.
Making money in homeland

10:30 | 03/02/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - I met a young couple as they were carrying potted flowers to Hanoi to sell. At first I thought they were just like thousands of other young couples in the countryside with limited income to cover their living expenses. But when visiting their home, I realized I was wrong, after seeing their property worth of tens of billion dong.
UK contributes to Vietnam’s economic development

08:30 | 30/01/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - In recent years, investment cooperation between Vietnam and the UK has experienced high growth, bringing practical benefits for the development of both countries. Many large British firms such as Unilever, Diageo and Harvey Nash have successfully brought their products to Vietnam. Vietnam Economic News’ Hoa Le talked with British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV) Chairman Nick Holder about the cooperation.
Food preemptsTet market

09:16 | 24/01/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - As Tet approaches, domestic food supplies have basically met consumer demand at stable prices. Supplies have even surpassed demand for some products as cattle and poultry producers across the country are stepping up their animal husbandry in preparation for Tet.
More motivation to fishermen

08:07 | 24/01/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Decreased number of small capacity fishing boats and increased number of large capacity fishing vessels engaged in offshore fishing is considered a signal from the reorganization of production and exploitation of high value marine products.
Multi-functional farming model: New opportunity for fishery industry

16:07 | 23/01/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - With its great potential, the fishery industry will play a major role in developing a multi-functional farming model, according to the New Year Message from Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.
Domestic confectionery dominates the market

16:52 | 21/01/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - As Tet (Lunar New Year holidays) is nearing, supermarkets and agents have prepared a wide variety of confectionery, most of which was made in Vietnam. However, this also includes unlabelled products, which have worried consumers.
Ba Ria-Vung Tau trains 1,000 technical workers

08:50 | 21/01/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province’s Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center has recently collaborated with Ba Ria-Vung Tau Vocational Training College to offer 10 technical training courses for workers within the framework of the provincial vocational training program for the 2012-2015 period, including eight metal cutting training courses and two electronics training courses.
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