Mekong Delta evokes potential

09:25 | 11/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Despite a difficult macro economy, Mekong River Delta (MRD) has managed to maintain economic growth.
Quang Ninh reforms administrative procedures

16:56 | 10/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Quang Ninh is a locality that has adopted a number of drastic measures to remove difficulties facing local enterprises, including a “revolution” in public administrative procedure reform. Chairman of Quang Ninh People’s Committee Nguyen Van Doc talked with the Vietnam Economic New’s Xuan Phu about the issue.
10th ASEAN skills competition: Vietnam prepares for big goal

16:35 | 10/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - As the host for the 10th ASEAN Skills Competition, Vietnam is taking strong measures to prepare for this event. This is considered as a necessary step for Vietnam’s human resources to join the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
Vietnam well implements OHS

08:09 | 10/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Vietnamese and international experts at the mid-term review of the national program on the occupational health and safety (OHS) in the 2011-2015 period agreed that Vietnam had done quite well in its OHS commitments.
HCMC strives to meet regional urban standards

14:58 | 09/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) has maintained high-speed growth, adopted appropriate economic structural change, and promoted scientific and technological development to become an outstanding cities.
Start your next adventure with Emirates

16:25 | 08/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Emirates, a global connector of people and places, now open its Global sale, which rewards passengers from Ho Chi Minh City with exceptional discounts on economy fares to 60 destinations across Emirates expanding network.
OSH a cultural feature of PVEP

14:55 | 05/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Along with boosting production, assuring safety, health and environment is also an important target set by the PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP). Therefore, over the past years, PVEP has always been evaluated as one of the units that well implemented the occupational health and safety (OSH) of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group – PetroVietnam.
Vietnamese economy: Spectacular growth

09:16 | 05/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The Vietnamese economy is rapidly developing and integrating more deeply and broadly into the regional and global economies. The international community has appreciated Vietnam’s impressive growth as a “typical development success story” which “must be shared with the world”. On the occasion of the 69th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2014), Vietnam Economic News’ Hoa Le, Nguyen Huong and Hung Cuong recorded the opinions of the leaders of some international organizations and foreign representations in Vietnam about the country’s development process.
Pay with Visa to enjoy 30% off all VietJet fares

09:02 | 04/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - VietJet has linked up with global payments technology company Visa to launch an amazing promotion in Vietnam called ‘Enjoy Flying with Visa’ with the discount of 30 percent available.
August: Optimistic signs of economic growth

08:02 | 04/09/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - A number of macroeconomic indexes such as increases in trade surplus and foreign direct investment (FDI), marginal growth of the consumer price index (CPI) and abundant foreign currency reserves showed signs of stability and recovery of the Vietnamese economy.
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