Increasing proportion of high-tech agriculture

10:39 | 01/08/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Vietnam’s agriculture is entering a new phase to meet requirements in the process of international economic integration. Therefore, applying high-tech to improve efficiency, competitiveness and product quality and meet consumer needs is needed.
Safe food market model in Bac Giang

08:05 | 01/08/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Bac Giang is the first locality in the country to set up safe food markets as there are few supermarkets in the province. Vietnam Economic News’ Lan Anh interviewed Director of Bac Giang’s Department of Industry and Trade Tran Van Loc around the model.
Vietnam to become attractive destination for manufacturers

14:30 | 31/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - “Base on the global focus of electronics related manufacturing growth in the Asian region, especially in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, we are confident with the strategic geographical aspect, Vietnam will be the hottest spot for such migration of manufacturing base”. Assistant General Manager of Factory Automation Group (FAG) Lenz Tchong talked about the issue in an interview with Vietnam Economic News’ Hung Cuong.
Taking advantage of resources for sustainable development

11:36 | 30/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - According to the overall plan on agricultural development by 2020, the Vietnamese government identified agriculture as the main resource for economic development and saw sustainable development as a strategic priority. However, state capital remains weak. Therefore, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) investments are considered inevitable direction.
For sustainable growth of pangasius industry

16:25 | 29/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)’s plan for pangasius production and sales in the Mekong Delta towards 2020, the pangasius industry will undergo changes in terms of production and sales to ensure that farmers can make a profit of VND1,000-1,500 per kg. Total profits from pangasius breeding are projected to reach VND1.2-1.8 trillion by 2015 and VND1.6-2.4 trillion by 2020.
CPI up 0.23 percent in July

15:45 | 28/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The General Statistics Office recently announced the consumer price index (CPI) of July 2014 grew 0.23 percent compared with June 2014, 1.62 percent compared with December 2013 and 4.80 percent compared with July 2013.
Luc Yen implements efficient economic models

11:16 | 28/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Luc Yen is a mountainous district in Yen Bai province and is home to 18 ethnic groups which account for 80 percent of the population. After the three year implementation of the new rural areas construction program, the district has obtained many achievements, especially the new efficient economic models.
Catching opportunities from AEC

10:45 | 25/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Vietnam Economic News’ Hung Cuong spoke with Nguyen Huong Lan, General Director of the Equipment Parts and Technical Services Joint Stock Company (MICO EPT), on the threshold of the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2014 that will take place in Hanoi from August 27-29, 2014.
Agriculture as backbone in Vietnam-Israel cooperation

14:02 | 24/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Chairman of the Vietnam-Israel Commercial Committee Omri Horowitz when addressing the Vietnam-Israel Agriculture Business Forum recently held in Hanoi by the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry assessed that agriculture is now considered the backbone in Vietnam-Israel cooperation.
Vocational training contributes to labor restructuring

11:18 | 24/07/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Over 80 percent of the population in the southern province of Binh Phuoc live in rural areas, of which 26 percent are from ethnic minorities. Therefore, vocational training for local rural workers has proved a tough task particularly as Binh Phuoc Province set a target of trained workers to reach 40 percent by 2015.
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