Impetus to vocational enterprises

16:27 | 08/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - There are still mixed opinions about preferential treatment for businesses participating in vocational training as the draft vocational law is put forward, but the preferential treatment for vocational enterprises is essential to remove bottlenecks in the quality of human resources for economic development.
Positive feedback after MTA Hanoi 2014

16:15 | 07/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - According to Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd, the organizer of the third International Precision Engineering, Machine Tools and Metalworking Exhibition and Conference (MTA Hanoi 2014) that took place from April 1-4, they have received positive feedback from businesses that participated in the event about the prospects of production development in northern Vietnam.
AIP, Abbott hold first Helmets for Families

14:40 | 06/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation and Abbott, commenced the new road safety education program, Helmets for Families, built on the proven school-based program, Helmets for Kids, with a ceremony at the Cau Xang Primary School in Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, on April 23. Developed in cooperation with the National Traffic Safety Committee and the Ministry of Education and Training, this Helmets for Families project pilots the first of four selected primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City.
Young Artists Festival 2014

14:16 | 06/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The Young Artists Festival 2014 is scheduled to take place at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in Hanoi at the end of this coming August,
Over VND55.8 trillion for sector development in Hoa Binh’s rural areas

11:35 | 06/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The Hoa Binh Province People's Committee recently approved the province’s Sector Development Plan for Rural Areas by 2020, with Vision to 2030.
Vietnam to make airplane accessories

08:59 | 06/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Airbus announced its first airplane accessories production package in Vietnam on April 23 in Hanoi.
CPI up by 0.08 percent in April

16:03 | 05/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The General Statistical Office said that the consumer price index (CPI) increased by 0.08 percent from March to April, up by 0.88 percent from December 2013, and up by 4.45 percent from a year ago.
Classbook new-generation e-textbooks unveiled

15:47 | 04/05/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The Intel Group together with the Education Publishing House and the Foreign Languages University under the Vietnam National University Hanoi recently unveiled Classbook new-generation electronic textbooks which provide a basis for educational renovation.
Domestic worker recognized as professional job

14:53 | 30/04/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Governmental Decree 27/2014/ND-CP stipulating that employers must pay insurance premiums for domestic workers officially took effect on May 25. Employers will also have to allow those conducting domestic help to have one day a week off and pay a minimum level of salary no lower than the minimum wage set by the government.
VPA/FLEGT negotiations enter sprint period

11:14 | 30/04/2014 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Negotiations on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement regarding Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (VPA/FLEGT) between Vietnam and the European Union (EU) have speeded up. The two sides want to finish negotiations this October and complete necessary procedures to ratify and sign the agreement as soon as negotiations end.
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