challenges ahead for smes to avoid being left behind

Challenges ahead for SMEs to avoid being left behind

09:53 | 30/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to strengthen connectivity between domestic and foreign-invested enterprises, improve high quality workforce training and expand cooperation opportunities in order to avoid being left out of global supply chains.
vietnam moves toward biodegradable plastics

Vietnam moves toward biodegradable plastics

14:56 | 27/03/2020 Environmental Resources

(VEN) - Vietnam has adopted an ambitious roadmap to stop using disposable plastic at stores, markets and supermarkets in urban areas by 2021 and in the whole country by 2025, and replace them with biodegradable materials.
vietnam paves way to reduced plastic waste contamination Vietnam paves way to reduced plastic waste contamination

09:00 | 27/03/2020 Environmental Resources

(VEN) - Vietnam is joining a growing pioneering trend of paving roads with recycled plastic. The plastic-suffused asphalt reduces the amount of petroleum in asphalt and repurposes plastic waste that would otherwise contaminate the environment. It is also a cheaper alternative than traditional asphalt.
vietnams aviation industry struggles with covid 19 epidemic Vietnam’s aviation industry struggles with Covid-19 epidemic

08:56 | 26/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Vietnamese airline carriers are facing a slump caused by the spread of Covid-19, despite sharp fare reductions. The domestic aviation sector is seeking ways to revive traffic and has drawn up scenarios to cope with the complex development of the epidemic. 
vietnam seeks to control inventories sales pressure Vietnam seeks to control inventories, sales pressure

10:02 | 23/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - A sharp decline in consumer demand after the Tet holiday and the adverse impact of the Covid-19 epidemic have led to the lowest growth of retail sales and revenues from services in the first two months of 2020 compared with the same period in previous years.
supplies of essential goods ensured under all circumstances minister Supplies of essential goods ensured under all circumstances: Minister

09:07 | 21/03/2020 Economy- Society

Supplies of essential goods must continue to flow even in the worst situation of a city or several localities being put under quarantine, said Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh at a meeting in Hanoi on March 19.
mekong delta agriculture adding value by applying sci tech Mekong Delta agriculture: Adding value by applying sci-tech

09:24 | 19/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Many provinces in the Mekong Delta have applied science and technology in agricultural production to improve productivity, product quality and farmer incomes.
covid 19 outbreak boosts online sales deliveries Covid-19 outbreak boosts online sales, deliveries

09:23 | 16/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - To avoid being infected by the Covid-19 virus, consumers who are in the habit of online shopping are more likely to order food and produce online instead of going to a supermarket or marketplace.
covid 19 epidemic puts pressure on agriculture restructuring Covid-19 epidemic puts pressure on agriculture restructuring

09:56 | 13/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has affected most aspects of Vietnam’s economy, especially the agriculture sector. Experts are advising the agriculture sector to focus on restructuring of production zones and deep processing, strengthen connectivity to develop value chains and seek alternative markets to minimize negative impacts, creating a foundation for growth once the epidemic is controlled.
hanoi supports development of collective economy Hanoi supports development of collective economy

10:03 | 11/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Cooperatives in Hanoi have gradually become a new factor contributing to the city’s socioeconomic development. However, since the scale and competitive capacity of cooperatives remain limited, Hanoi plans measures to help the local collective economy achieve more efficient development.
covid 19 forecast to slow vietnams 2020 economic growth Covid-19 forecast to slow Vietnam’s 2020 economic growth

09:35 | 09/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has submitted two scenarios for economic growth this year to the government, as the country faces the impact of the coronavirus in China.
vietnams major trade pacts where challenges offer opportunities Vietnam’s major trade pacts: Where challenges offer opportunities

09:21 | 06/03/2020 Economy- Society

(VEN) - In 2020, free trade agreements (FTAs) are expected to continue providing Vietnam with export and investment attraction opportunities. Businesses need to take the initiative in making the best of those opportunities, Vo Tri Thanh, Director of the Institute for Brand and Competitiveness Strategy, told Vietnam Economic News’ Ngoc Thao.
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