vietnamese growers reap the fruit of their labors Vietnamese growers reap the fruit of their labors

06:05 | 28/08/2020 Trade

(VEN) - In the first half of 2020, while vegetable and fruit exports to China decreased sharply, those to other markets increased. Growers and traders are being advised to improve product processing and importers’ satisfaction in order to expand markets in the post-corona period.
taking advantage of integration to rev up local auto industry Taking advantage of integration to rev up local auto industry

06:05 | 27/08/2020 Economy

(VEN) - Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, Director of the Institute for Brand and Competitiveness Strategy, spoke with Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Mai about the development orientation of the country’s automobile industry, urging deeper participation in the global supply chain and promotion of stable, long-term market growth.
evn spotlights performance during epidemic natural disasters EVN spotlights performance during epidemic, natural disasters

06:07 | 26/08/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Energized by the group’s positive results in the first six months of 2020, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is moving ahead with plans to increase power supply in response to growing needs.
rice industry ups production to take advantage of export opportunities Rice industry ups production to take advantage of export opportunities

06:00 | 25/08/2020 Trade

(VEN) - Rice was among the few produce exports to maintain growth in the first seven months of this year and they are expected to further increase due to foreign markets’ growing demand.
vinaseeds rice products conquer international markets Vinaseed's rice products conquer international markets

08:03 | 24/08/2020 Trade

(VEN) - By getting the official certification of food safety management systems (FSSC22000), rice products of Vinaseed - a member of The PAN Group have had a "golden card" to enter the European markets and integrate into the global supply chain. More importantly, they are Vinaseed own branded products, which have much higher value than normal rice exports.
experts urge caution on ma exploiting low share prices Experts urge caution on M&A exploiting low share prices

06:00 | 24/08/2020 Economy

(VEN) - Capital contributions and share purchases by foreign investors have helped Vietnamese businesses gain access to new ecosystems and ensure undisrupted supplies. However, given the current volatility of the stock market and uncertainty of the economy induced by Covid-19, experts are cautioning against so-called “vultures” seeking to buy Vietnamese shares and/or companies at rock-bottom prices.
vietnams pork price paradox Vietnam’s pork price paradox

06:00 | 22/08/2020 Trade

(VEN) - In a bid to bring down the high price of pork, an important staple in the Vietnamese diet and a persistent source of inflationary pressure, the government is allowing live pig imports from Thailand. However, for now, the meat imports have not made a dent in prices, which continue to register record highs.
textile garment sector flexibility for adaptability Textile, garment sector: Flexibility for adaptability

06:00 | 21/08/2020 Industry

(VEN) - The export value of textiles and garments is forecast to continue plunging in the third quarter of this year without any sign of recovery. Therefore, businesses need to be flexible to adapt themselves to the situation. 
vietnams exporters face tougher chinese food inspection regime Vietnam’s exporters face tougher Chinese food inspection regime

06:00 | 20/08/2020 Trade

(VEN) - Vietnam’s agro-forestry-fishery exports to China face many difficulties due to stronger Chinese inspection and supervision of food safety.
vietnams support industry develops links in global supply chain Vietnam’s support industry develops links in global supply chain

13:00 | 19/08/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam’s supporting industry is gradually improving its connections, productivity and training, allowing its products’ greater access to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) enterprises as well as multinational corporations.
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