EC provides EUR1.6 million to support Vietnam enhance nuclear safety

09:16 | 08/07/2016 Industry

The European Commission (EC) on June 22 launched a new co-operation project with Vietnam to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of its nuclear safety authority, the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS).

EC provides EUR1.6 million to support Vietnam enhance nuclear safety

Perspective of the Ninh Thuan 1 nuclear power plant to be built by 2020

The EUR1.6 million project aims to assist Vietnam to establish a sound legal and regulatory framework before it embarks on a nuclear power programme. It also supports enhancing technical capabilities of VARANS’ staff, helping them cope with the anticipated introduction and use of nuclear energy in Vietnam.

The scheme will be implemented by a consortium led by RISKAUDIT IRSN/GRS International, bringing together the French and Finnish nuclear safety authorities (ASN and STUK), as well as the Belgian, French and German technical safety organisations (Bel V, IRSN and GRS).

At the launch, experts discussed and agreed on an intensive three year work programme in six different technical fields, including legislation and regulations, quality management system, review and assessment of safety documentation, human resource development plan, nuclear safeguards and communication.

The European Union has been supporting Vietnam since 2012 under its Instrument for Nuclear Safety Co-operation and provides co-operation, assistance and continued training and tutoring to the regulatory body’s staff./.


Source: NDO