Early spring at Thac Ba Hydropower Plant

16:45 | 11/03/2015 Companies

(VEN) - In 2014, the Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock Company fulfilled or exceeded all of its annual production and business targets. The plant’s electricity output reached 391.5 million kWh, equal to 105.8 percent of the annual plan; revenue equaled to 137.7 percent of the annual plan, and profits hit 231 percent.

Early spring at Thac Ba Hydropower Plant

Along with maintaining quality and environmental management systems, the company tightly managed production costs to prevent wastes. In 2014, it carried out six large-scale repair projects with total expenditure of over VND4.63 billion, five of which have been completed.

The company has maintained its association with the National Load Dispatch Center to ensure safe and effective operation of all turbines. It has taken the initiative in operating turbines at their full capacity during the rainy season as well as in accumulating water for use in the dry season.

Last year the company’s reservoirs received 5,267 million cu.m of water (166cu.m per second, lower compared with previous years). The company had to make timely decisions related to production management to fulfill its electricity generation plan.

Company Management Board Chairman Nguyen Quang Thang said, “In 2014, along with generating electricity, the company actively sought opportunities to invest in expanding production to promote its further growth in the future. Currently, the company is developing the Thac Ba 2 Hydropower Project in Thac Ba Town, Yen Binh District.”

Last year, through its Technical Service Center, the company received 12 contracts which brought it total value of VND2.83 billion. The center provides repair, testing, regulating, training services and hydropower experts for mountainous and midland provinces in the northern part of the country. For its quality service, the center has been highly appreciated by its customers and won their trust.

In 2014, the company completely built a lower secondary school in Yen Binh Commune with total construction cost of over VND2 billion and handed it over to the locality.

In 2015, the company continues to seek investment opportunities to expand production, focusing on small and medium-sized hydropower projects, while at the same time persifying sources of investment in development and taking suitable measures to increase revenue from financial activities. Along with tightly managing the operation of all equipment items, the company pays much attention to regulating the water level in reservoirs to ensure sufficient water for electricity generation while at the same time effectively preventing floods and meeting irrigation requirements. Furthermore, the company will continue to develop technical services in the field of electricity and take suitable measures to lower production costs.

Since the beginning of 2015, the company has let out water from Son La, Hoa Binh, Tuyen Quang and Thac Ba reservoirs three times to serve winter-spring rice cultivation in lowland areas. Since January 16, the company has operated all of its three turbines at their full capacity to ensure sufficient supplies of electricity for the national power grid as well as water for agricultural production in lowland areas. More than 750 million cu.m of water has been let out from Thac Ba Reservoir since the beginning of this year. Hopefully, the company will reap successful results in 2015. 

By Dang Hien

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