E-commerce brings Vietnamese goods to foreign markets

08:36 | 05/06/2019 Trade

(VEN) - E-commerce not only helps big business increase sales considerably but also small and medium sized ones.

e commerce brings vietnamese goods to foreign markets

Cooperation with Amazon is expected to help business boost exports and expand markets

Success stories

Many traditional Vietnamese products have attracted a growing number of foreign buyers through amazon.com. This world-leading website has helped a large number of Vietnamese companies increase sales quickly and considerably.

Han Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of Andre Gift Shop said that in 2018, amazon.com sales contributed 70 percent to her company’s online revenues and grew 70 percent compared to 2017.

Le Thi Thien Ngan, founder and CEO of Paper Color, said e-commerce has enabled her company to reach a large number of buyers worldwide. Paper Color has exported products to more than 30 countries and is continuing to develop its own brand.

MaryCrafts, producing women’s apparel and accessories, has sold its products through Amazon since 2015. Mary Nguyen, founder of MaryCrafts said the company’s sales have increased more than 150 percent since it began sales through Amazon.

Support for businesses

The Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) and Amazon Global Selling have agreed on a cooperative plan from now to 2021, including an e-commerce-based global export program; an Amazon-based branding program and an e-commerce training program for Vietnamese enterprises.

One hundred Vietnamese enterprises with potential products have been selected to benefit from the e-commerce global export program’s skill training, consultancy and connection to US-based Amazon exchanges in June 2019.

Cooperation with Amazon is expected to help businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, boost exports and expand markets. However, head of VIETRADE Vu Ba Phu said the program’s efficiency depends greatly on firms’ preparation, investment and other efforts. Domestic enterprises need to enrich their market knowledge, strive to join the global market and ensure that their products meet quality standards in foreign markets if they are to succeed on Amazon.

About 1,000 enterprises have joined Alibaba and around 200 others have participated in Amazon, accounting for only

a small percentage of more than 700,000 businesses in Vietnam, 98 percent of which are small and medium sized


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