DuPont marks 20th anniversary in Vietnam

Cập nhật: 13/05/2014 - 11:14
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(VEN) - DuPont Vietnam, the leading science company, celebrated the 20th anniversary of its opening, with commitment to bringing its global integrated science to help solve some of the country’s challenges in providing enough healthy food for people, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and safeguarding people and the environment.

To mark the important milestone, DuPont Vietnam staged the event titled “DuPont Market-Driven Innovation for Sustainability”, by Jim Collins, DuPont Senior Vice President, among its customers, business partners, and representatives from government agencies and trade associations. At the event, Collins shared DuPont’s journey on market-driven innovation and sustainable growth as well as some of its collaboration success stories that addressed the global challenges.

DuPont Vietnam Managing Director Sittideth Sriprateth said, “DuPont is committed to building sustainable growth for Vietnam. We focus on strengthening our local presence through collaboration among all public and private organizations across key industries especially agriculture, food, manufacturing, and electronics.” DuPont addresses food security with science-based innovations from the farmer’s field to the consumer’s table.  “We work collaboratively with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in bringing agricultural technology and innovations to help Vietnam farmers improve their productivity and livelihood,” Sittideth said. “Rice Model Farm Program in collaboration with the Thanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is part of our food security efforts.” 

During the past 20 years, DuPont has been committed to contributing to community development in Vietnam. The company has implemented several community initiatives such as building drinking water purification system for a remote school in Binh Duong, building a science library to a needy school in Thanh Hoa, and the tree planting program in Nam Dinh./.                

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