Viet-Uc Group partners Bosch AquaEasy

Driving the growth of shrimp industry in Vietnam

11:33 | 21/07/2022 Society

Binh Dinh, Vietnam – On 20th July 2022, Viet-Uc Group, a leading aquaculture industry player in Vietnam and AquaEasy, a spin-off venture under Bosch's innovation hub grow, announced their official commercial partnership.

Under the partnership, Viet-Uc deploys AquaEasy solutions including: AI solutions, intelligent feeder (i-feederTM) and ShrimpTalkTM in over 1,000 shrimp farms across the country. These smart solutions powered by AI, data analytics, machine learning and the IoT enables Viet-Uc the capability of increasing productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the farms with real-time data analysis, a trailblazing operation model in the Vietnamese aquaculture industry.

driving the growth of shrimp industry in vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Cong Can – Deputy Managing Director of Viet Uc Group (left) and Mr. Vo Hoang Vu – Sales Manager of Bosch AquaEasy

Using parent firm Bosch’s technologies, AquaEasy offers customers a suite of high-performance sensors that ensure accurate, fast, and reliable monitoring of water quality and feed parameters. Analytics provide real-time insights displayed through a mobile app that help farmers optimise feed decisions and harvest predictions. Vietnam is AquaEasy’s third venture following Singapore and Indonesia. With its tracked record of increasing shrimp farming productivity by 30 percent in 27 cities, AquaEasy is motivated to uplift the livelihood of farmers, farmhands and their families in the country.

driving the growth of shrimp industry in vietnam

AquaEasy’s portable Smart Laboratory offers a new and affordable way to test the chemical parameters of water quality for shrimp farms

"In a way, we are enabling the shrimps to ‘talk’ to farmers. With data-driven shrimp pond management, farmers can better detect and plan the feeding and cleaning time, allowing farmers more flexibility and capacity to produce disease-free, better quality and higher quantity shrimps. This is how we scientifically increase business profitability, reduce risks and costs,” said Vo Hoang Vu, Sales Manager of AquaEasy, adding that the solutions can also be applied to other seafood and crop production for improved consistency and productivity.

driving the growth of shrimp industry in vietnam
AquaEasy has three main IoT-powered components: sensor technology, innovative software, and AI-integrated analytics services

The Vietnamese shrimp industry is comprised of thousands of small family-run farms. In response to rapidly changing business requirements to demonstrate environmental sustainability through eco-certification or ratings programs, these farmers face major challenge due to their long traditions.

Nguyen Cong Can, Deputy Managing Director of Viet-Uc Group said “The partnership with AquaEasy is our commitment to help innovate the Vietnamese shrimp farming and ensuring our clients to remain competitive and sustainable. By incorporating smart solutions to collect data, these farms will have more accurate overview and assessments on the farms’ performance and risks, so they are better prepared in the face of any climate-related natural disasters or any unprecedented disruptions like the outbreak of pandemic we had in 2021.”

Over more than 20 years in a journey “For the Vietnamese people – Transform Vietnam’s shrimp”, Viet Uc has now become an industry leader, not just in shrimp but also in Vietnam’s aquaculture, focusing on three core values: Quality – Technology – Sustainability. Viet Uc has been growing and expanding its infrastructure and presence over three regions of Vietnam from South to North.

- 3 seletive breeding and multiplication centers for shrimp

- 9 high-tech hatcheries for post-larval production

- 3 high-tech shrimp farming and production complexes

- 1 joint-venture aquafeed factory

- 1 aquatic food processing plant

- 1 complex for shrimp farming demonstration and technology transfer

- 1 pangasius spp (Tra fish) selective breeding and fingerling production facility

To realize the mission “For the Vietnamese people – Transform Vietnam’s shrimp” and fufill the aspiration of global expansion, for many years Viet Uc has been implementing two key strategies, including: (1) fully integrate the shrimp value chain and (2) Promote a national strategic mission: For a high-tech and sustainable Vietnamese shrimp industry.