Drip irrigation proves efficient in hilly terrain

10:55 | 24/07/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Drip irrigation technology on hilly land has saved 20 to 40 percent of irrigation water for lemon trees in Vinh Phuc Province’s Lap Thach District compared to traditional methods.  

Due to the hilly land, water resources in the mountainous district of Lap Thach are unevenly distributed. In addition, the exploitation of underground water through drilling wells leads to water waste. Therefore, the Vinh Phuc Department of Science and Technology has applied drip irrigation technology for lemon trees in Lap Thach District.

The Binh Minh Plant Variety and Animal Breed Production Cooperative has applied this technology since 2016. After a pilot period, lemon trees have seen good development and the cooperative has also saved a significant amount of irrigation water. The application of drip irrigation technology has contributed to increasing irrigation efficiency, enhancing productivity and reducing production costs. This technology is compatible with mechanical farming in large-scale production areas, contributing to improving economic efficiency.

Realizing the advantages of drip irrigation technology, many households in Vinh Phuc Province have invested in this technology and brought higher economic efficiency. For example, Pham Van Xuan’s family in Tam Duong District’s Hoang Lau Commune, with the support of the Vinh Phuc Department of Science and Technology, has installed an automatic irrigation system and applied drip irrigation technology on its vegetable and lilies plots. This technology has helped his family save irrigation water and limit crop fungal disease. As a result, production costs have been reduced significantly, while quality and output have improved. His family plans to expand the system of greenhouses, build cold storehouses to preserve products and pack their own fruit and vegetables for export to foreign markets.

According to the Vinh Phuc Department of Science and Technology, the application of drip irrigation technology has resulted in greater efficiency and is considered the most effective solution to increase economic efficiency of crop growing in mountainous and hilly terrain.

Drip irrigation technology is not only considered the most water-saving solution compared to traditional irrigation methods, but also as an important way to modernize agriculture.

Thanh Tam