Dow Vietnam issues strict warning to all consumers against counterfeit RO membranes

19:59 | 10/07/2017 Trade

Recently, the Police Investigation Agency under Hanoi Police Authority has issued a decision to prosecute the representative of Thanh Huan Production Company Limited and representative of Nhat Quang Investment & Technology Development Limited for trading counterfeit DOW FILMTEC™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) Residential Membranes.

The exhibits are examined and sealed by related authority

While RO membranes play a vital role on the quality of purified water, exposure to poorly-purified water due to counterfeit RO membrane could harm users’ health. Hence, Dow Vietnam strongly recommend consumers and businesses should use genuine products for the sake of health.

Major Nguyen Tuan Anh, Deputy Chief of Counterfeit Division of the PC 46 said: “The RO membrane counterfeiting activity has a serious impact on the people’s health without guaranteeing clean and safe drinking water. Furthermore, such counterfeiting infringes the intellectual property rights law and caused negative impacts on the enterprise’s production. The counterfeiting conduct must be strictly penalized.”

Dow Vietnam has issued basic instructions to help consumers protect themselves against the membrane counterfeiting. These include encouraging consumers to verify genuine Dow FilmTec™ RO elements through the anti-counterfeit sticker on the plastic bag package. It can be verified by sms, QR scan (download free licensed app FELIXVN) and authorized website . Besides, when removing the DOW FILMTEC™ label, the “VOID VOID” printing will appear on the element where the label is torn out.

When removing the DOW FILMTEC™ label, the “VOID VOID” printing will appear on the element where the label is torn out

Ms. Luu Mong Thu Huong, Commercial Manager of Dow’s Water & Process Solutions in Vietnam, further highlighted: “Apart from the aforementioned basic indications, we are vigorously improving our product to incorporate new anti-counterfeit features. These improvements will be updated to our dealers and consumers in the nearest future. Consumers can contact Dow Vietnam’s telephone at 028-3999-0008 to report the counterfeit.”

DOW FILMTEC™ RO Residential Membranes are manufactured in the USA and are of high quality, high durability and consistent performance that allow household water purifiers to produce clean and safe drinking water. This membrane is certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for material requirements only for safe use in drinking water applications. In addition, Dow’s latest innovation, DOW AQUALAST™ Elements, not only serves clean drinking water in high salinity and hardness areas but also allows home owners to save up to 67 percent in water usage compared to purifiers using conventional RO technology. This means savings from water bills and a smaller environmental footprint.