Dow provides clean drinking water to nearly 1,500 Danang’s pupils

11:36 | 08/12/2015 Society

(VEN)-December 7th, Dow in collaboration with People’s Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) under Vietnam’s Union of Friendship Organizations and Danang’s Foreign Affair Department handed over 2 water purification systems of 250 liter/hour capacity to Hoa Nhon 1 Primary School and Nguyen Thi Dinh Secondary School to provide nearly 1,500 local pupils and teachers with clean drinking water.

Dow provides clean drinking water to nearly 1,500 Danang’s pupils

Dow’s meaningful donation, nearly 1,500 Danang’s pupils to access safe and clean water

Donated schools are areas in an urgent need of clean drinking water. In particular, at Hoa Nhon I Primary School, Hoa Nhon commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang city, the old water purification system was out of order and seriously degraded. Meanwhile, Hoa Nhon I School not only needs to provide clean drinking water to nearly 600 pupils and teachers but also approximately 300 local residents sheltering in case of natural disasters. Nguyen Thi Dinh Secondary School, though in operation for just six years, has a continuous booming number of pupils that now reaches nearly 900 pupils and teachers. Such a large number makes the school unable to provide clean water to the whole school but school’s teacher and staff. Pupils used to bring boiled or bottled drinking water by themselves.

Having carried out the site surveys, Dow collaborated with PACCOM to rapidly install two modern and international-standard water purification systems to ensure the teaching and learning quality at these schools.

Ribbon cutting ceremony to put a water purification system into use at Nguyen Thi Dinh Secondary School

Mr. Tomoyuki Sasama, Vietnam Country Manager, Dow in Vietnam said: “Our 20 years of presence in Vietnam is also a 20-year journey of actively engaging in social responsibility activities in local communities, especially underprivileged rural and remote areas through our long-term and large-scale CSR programs. Donating water purification systems is our meaningful program that has been started since 2001. In order to add sustainability and further practicality to the program, we collaborated with PACCOM in 2014 to co-deploy the program. We are happy that there records about 3,500 beneficiaries from this program in 2015, which will serve as a motive for us to expand the program scale in next years.”

Dow also plans to extend its clean water support to over 500 pupils and teachers at Tan Dan Kinder Garden, Tan Dan Commune, Phu Xuyen District, Hanoi. Through the cooperation with PACCOM, Dow helps about 3.500 Vietnam’s pupils and teacher to access safe and clean water that has met safety standards by Ministry of Health.

Dow not only donates over 20 water purification systems with the capacity of up to 7.000 liters/day/equipment to Vietnam’s schools and hospital for the past few years but also provides innovative water process and separation solutions to deal with the challenge of clean water faced by industries and communities.

Currently, Dow Water & Process Solutions technologies help to process 36 million gallons of clean water a minute across the globe and Dow membranes help to provide nearly 50% of Israel’s clean drinking water. With 11 plants located globally, Dow is now the only manufacturer that offers a full portfolio of water treatment solutions.

Previously, in 2013-2014, Dow and PACCOM worked together to donate water purification system to purify peat-coal-contaminated water for Khoai Chau School for Disabled Children, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province and sponsoring water purification system to purify arsenic water for Xuan Khe 3 Primary School, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. In 2013, Dow donated a mobile water purification system to Vietnam Red Cross to support their disaster relief efforts and provide safe drinking water to victims of natural calamities in remote areas.

Apart from donating water purification systems, Dow is an enthusiastic practitioner of long-term CSR programs on a nationwide scale, including: Collaborating with the Office of Business for Sustainable Development to organize 31 workshops on “Cleaner Production and Waste Management for Vietnam’s Businesses” with the participation of more than 1,500 Vietnam’s SMEs;  Partnering  with Habitat for Humanity Vietnam to build more than 20 houses for the need; Donating IT equipment, books, scholarships, refurbished schools…; Donating medical equipment; Providing helmets and traffic safety and  awareness training to 5 primary schools in the South of Vietnam.

Headquartered in Michigan, in North America, The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) combines the power of science and technology with “Human Element” to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. The Company is driving innovations that extract value from the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences to help address many of the world's most challenging problems such as the need for clean water, clean energy generation and conservation, and increasing agricultural productivity.

Dow has been present in Vietnam since 1995 as a communicating representative office to promote market researches, trade and technical exchanges between Dow and Vietnam’s enterprises in the manufacturing industry. Dow’s products have been utilized by Vietnam’s manufacturers as essential inputs to car manufacturing, electronics, construction, footwear leather, plastics, clean solutions and packaging industry.